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Phil Heath Accused of Stealing Expensive Bracelet?


I haven’t done any research other than this video, but this whole thing seems pretty weird. Especially the fact that Phil wants to sue Nick from Nick’s Strength and Power. Something seems off about that fact that Phil wasn’t willing to pay $25,000 considering he seems to live a pretty expensive lifestyle. I’d be interested to hear his side of the story. Thoughts? Opinions?


Don’t support silly manufactured internet drama by sharing it.


The images of the lifestyle are are really only that, Images. The big glamorous houses, cars, jewelry, and women are mostly all rentals. Set dressing.

Very few (any?) BB’s are actually financially successful due solely to winning contests.


Story aside, I’m always amused seeing people threaten to sue But not understanding that you Actually need grounds to sue someone.

That “coach” who I helped for 6 months to lose a ton of weight sent me the usual “I’ll sue for defamation” threats when I outted him, but he probably was told by any attorney that telling the truth isn’t defamation, even if you don’t like how it makes you look.

If phil was accused by someone, reporting the accusation (not stating that it actually occurred) isn’t defamation.



Rich people buy some pretty ugly things to show they have wealth…