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Phil Heath 7 Weeks Out Olympia 2011



i just hope all the money he spent on steroids will be worth it.


Man Phil's arms are looking ridiculous top to bottom right now. That step on his brachioradialis is insane. Cant wait to see him on stage.


Lee Priest proportioned arms on a guy who is not even short! He looks too awesome!


"Normally I dont train arms that much"

Fuck off! lol



You know, I've been thinking about a post in the other Olympia thread that suggested Cutler was going to win again because of what he does promoting the sport. On first glance I couldn't fault this argument, politics have been prevalent in bodybuilding since the beginning when the Weiders first started their empire. A lot of people have been emphasising how Arnold was given the Sandow some years he didn't 'deserve' to win it.

HOWEVER, and this is just something from the top of my head without much forethought, but isn't the reason Jay is out and about promoting bodybuilding as much as he is, with his mug everywhere, because he is Mr. Olympia? Wouldn't a new Mr. Olympia inevitable just take over Jay's current role and be the new flag bearer for the sport? The only thing you'd have to make sure of is that the winner is personable. Heck, Jay isn't even that charismatic compared to Heath or Kai.

What do you guys think?


What a dick response. You're the jackass who posts anti-steroid bullshit all over YouTube, aren't you?


Lmao yeah...we got "steroidsR4losers" on this board..


EH leave the poor guy alone. It could only either be what they call Little dick syndrome, or simply envy. I just feel bad for him =(


I don't. Blatant passive aggressiveness is irritating. These are the types to drop one liners and bail out the discussion for fear of actually explaining why they felt the need to act that way.


Lol i wont say that it isnt, especially considering the topic and area of discussion. I actually made several comments that i deleted prior to posting before i just opted not to say anything.


I love Hany Rambod and am saving up cash to work with him.









I don't know much about politics but Jay is bigger imo. Except for probably the arms.


That was my post and no Dexter Jackson barely did shit when he was Mr Olympia in terms of promoting. Even big Ronnie didn't promote as much as Cutler has, in fact Ronnie does more promoting now that he is retired from compete ion and has the time. Jay really goes the extra mile when it comes to promoting the sport. Also Jay cutlers dog died this week, you don't fuck with a guy who's dog died.


PHIL... then and now.


look how small his wrists are lol. small bone structure+big muscle belly=insane


lulz don't feed him ID


you can already see the framework for freaky arms



He has calves glued to his forearms...what a beast.