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Phil Heath-225 Lbs. For 46 Reps


Phil Heath 46 reps with 225lbs, I think the guy who beat him got 54 reps, but this is the only video clip I found.



pretty impressive, but maybe if he shortened his ROM another 3" he could get 10 more, LOL


Larry Allen got 43 at the Pro Bowl last week, which is even more impressive because he's a Hall of Fame caliber lineman.


He did not do one rep. He didnt lock out the first or the last.


Seriously, they counted those?


I thought maybe you guys were just giving this guy a hard time but then I watched the video.


How could anyone say that was 46 reps?!?!?


The pro bowl challenge was a joke also. Larry Allen started off and got 43. His reps were never locked out either. The bar didn't have clips on it and since they were using a 45,35,10 combo, the 10 kept sliding down for every lifter because of their bar speed. Every one of those guys did partial reps...a damn joke.

The best part of the pro bowl challenge was the "fastest man" comp. DeAngelo Hall won.


i say we cut the reps in half and he could maybe get that.


It isn't like that was a legit contest. They basically lifted like they trained. The whole thing seemed geared towards publicity, not a true powerlifting contest. I doubt the guys who participated even knew they would be doing it before they got there. What you all should be noticing is how many guys with huge chests don't train with a full range of motion. That is because it works as far as size.

I don't lock out on bench press. It isn't necessary for my goals. If your goals are powerlifting, then do it according to the rules. If your goal is to build more overall strength and size, perhaps thinking outside the box is necessary.


I'd rather have Phil Heath's chest than that of the douchebag who got crushed under the thousand pounds at the Olympia.


LOL. I want to see the people here who are so proud of their range of motion that have surpassed his development regardless of your numbers. This is where you seperate bodybuilding from powerlifting.

To tell Ronnie Coleman he is training "wrong" when it wins him several Mr. Olympia contests simply because his technique wouldn't win a powerlifting meet is retarded.


True true X, I hear exactly what you're saying. Partial reps are cool and all for different goals and attaining new muscle. This guy wasn't doing anything productive here. Why half rep for 46 reps? If he's tying to stimulate growth then why not throw on 365/405 for 15-20?

I'm still impressed that anyone can halp rep 225 for anything over 30 reps. Most people, including myself think that the 225 for reps thing is a total waste of training effort and energy that could be used more efficiently.

My thoughts, even though this wasn't a legit competition, it was still a competition, and in competition you should lock out, go parallel, not cheat etc.

For the record, my best 225 reps are 14. I just want to run faster, I'll sacrifice some reps for some seconds.


some of you guys crack me up

that dude is an animal


What he did required a good amount of strength and muscle endurance. I'm just not exactly sure what he did.


They ALL did 225lbs. They didn't choose what they were going to do, and like was said, I doubt any of them even knew they would be doing this before they got there. Nasser El Sonbatty went first and only did like 10-15 reps. I have no doubt he can do more but he did all of his SUPERSLOW.

Obviously this wasn't a real contest. They were all wearing the clothes they wore to the event.

Bottom line, this guy is strong as hell and most of the people criticizing because of form couldn't do half of the number he did even if they did them the same as he did. Not locking out doesn't mean you work LESS hard. Locking out is a rest position. That means doing them like he did actually puts MORE stress on the pectorals.


I'm confused here. People are talking about this like it was somehow "easy". Anyone ever try to do a bunch of bench without lockout? It's hard as hell.

And Larry Allen has benched 700 lbs raw. Was it competition pretty and technically perfect? No, but who the hell cares? It was 700 friggin' lbs!


I guess some thought it was easier to do them that way.


I thought you all were exaggerating, but WOW! It sounded impressive even with the half reps, but those werent just no lockout, those were like his elbows never broke 90 degrees. I don't know that I could do that, but it's not that impressive.


I'm not saying that I could do anywhere close to what he did.

But to me, saying that "some dude did 46 reps at 225" is a bit misleading, seeing as how he did such a slight range of motion. Still impressive, just a bit misleading.

Like saying I can squat 400 lbs 40 times, when all I'm doing is a 1/4 squat.


The bottom portion of the ROM is certainly the harder half, but by omitting the lockout he was able to cut his time under tension in half compared to what it would be with 46 full reps. I'm not saying that this isn't damn impressive, on the contrary. But I wouldn't dare compare it to someone doing 46 full reps if I saw that.