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Phil Heath 10 Wks Out of the 09 Olympia


Out of this WORLD!!


That is insane... The dude on his left has one scary ass smile though.


who is the guy on the left (black guy)


i think that's Dexter Jackson on the left!

Phil is a beast! I know he will take second place this year! I'd like to see him win but they always let the incumbent win unless he comes in looking terrible.

I really need to go to the Olympia this year, Phil, Kai, Dexter, Victor, Dennis! Holy shit awesome!


b/c we're too retarded to figure out who is on the left?


The guy on the left is "Chilly D"...one of Skip's guys. On the right is Nick Zaharis, another one of Skip's guys.


That is definitely not Dexter.


Not trying to sound ignorant or raise a debate but isn't the O rigged? So I've read about from the Ronnie and Cutler show down.


Holy moonface!


You were kidding about thinking that was Dexter right ? Phil isn't quite that much bigger then Dex just yet :slightly_smiling:


just being specific...no biggie


Or is it the person to the left of Phil?


you're kidding right?


I dunno, bald-check, black-check . Yup, could be him :wink: lol


Phil's left or our left? Or what if we put the picture in a mirror, the left of that left?


BEAST, and I'm jealous of those arms, and the rest of his phsique for that matter.....lol


Nope. It must be Professor X.

Or Darrem Charles.

Or David Henry.

Because, you know, they're black and bald.

In fact, I bet they're all the exact same motherfucker just toying with us.


It looks like he's playing the mass game, I wonder if it will hurt him or help in considering what the judges have been rewarding as of late.


his waist is still tiny, I don't think it will be a problem.

Man those arms/forearms are just insane.


I think his genetics are just so up there he really doesn't have a choice. I have never seen arms make that much progress in that amount of time. They are literally almost too big...which I have never been able to say before on anyone else. If he keeps his waist tight, I really don't see too many people other than Dex taking his place.