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Phil Collins Wants to Be Fashionable


He tailored this tshirt himself.

Should he stay with the extra-medium or go with something smaller like a medium-medium?


WTF is with all the Phil Collins shit lately?


Haha! Even though I don't know why these threads are popping up, this is the best.


LOL Steely!!!



Watch out, Phil Collins may be forced to reply to you via AUDIO message.

You've been warned



How about this style? Of course, his poor posture might be to blame for making him look like he's from Massachussetts.




Sir, do you have a problem with P.C?


I'd have to see a naked progress pic to judge if his tailoring skills are doing his physique justice.




Awww dude, you had to go and steal larry's thunder!

i secretly approve


:open_mouth: ... :frowning:


yours was better man!




Yes. His vast fortune has inexplicably bagged a hot young bride even though getting married to a bald middle-aged pop star was part of the agreement.