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Phil Collins is Deaf


No, really!


Phil Collins is latest rock star to lose hearing

According to media reports, 55-year-old singer Phil Collins is gradually losing his hearing and becoming increasingly lonely in his beautiful Swiss home near Geneva.

The problems are said to have begun in 2000 when Collins first became aware of a loss of hearing in his right ear and took this as a sign that he needed to change his attitude to life.

" I wasn't frightened," he said, "but the sudden deafness has been described as ear-stroke and, as I had spent most of my life touring, I accepted it philosophically and began to realise that I had better things to be doing."

The Who singer Roger Daltrey has also admitted he is going deaf after fronting one of the world's loudest rock bands and says his hearing was worn away by excessive volume on stage. His fellow bandsman Pete Townsend is also claiming that high-decibel rock has damaged his hearing irrevocably and puts the blame on the headphones worn during recording sessions.




being exposed to loud noises for a prolonged amount of time cause gradual hearing loss. who knew?



Maybe now Phil Collins will stop making records... although radio stations around the world will still be playing his God-awful back catalog.



I thought it would be apparent that he was always deaf given his solo catalog....