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My friend just bought a bottle of pheromones that are supposed to attract chicks. he said his girlfriend seems to be a lot more horny since he started using it so i was thinking about giving it a try. on the bottle it says it has pure Androstenone as one of the ingredients though and i was just wondering if this will cause any side effects in the gym. will this act similar to androsol? if i spray it on me will i have to rinse it off at night like androsol or cycle it in anyway or is it completely different? will it affect my t levels at all?


i dont think that stuff will effect t levels at all if it is just pheromones. i could be wrong though. i'm sure bill or brock or anyone else that knows about that kinda stuff could give you a good answer. let us know if it works though :slight_smile:


There is no proven human pheromone (except ecdysterone :wink:). Your friend's anecdotal data is almost certainly a placebo effect at best. Look at all the bogus bodybuilding supplements you know something about and ask yourself this about a product you know much less about: How likely is this product really a human pheromone?

Sounds to me you'd be better off spending the cost of this product on Surge--or even ecdysterones.


Actually, there is proof of human pheremones. However, if you want to duplicate what was done in the experiment, you'll have to get some guy who girls agree are attractive, have him wear an t-shirt for 4 days without showering, put some of that stanky ol' thing in a locket and wear it around. Can't really speak for that spray.


does anyone know whether the androstenone gets absorbed through the skin though? i was thinking about it and i told my friend not to worry about it because products like androsol and nandrosol have something else in it to make it bond to the skin. its not just pure 4-androstenediol right? and if this pheromone stuff is made to give off smell rather then get into body than i wouldnt think there would be anything in it to make it be absorbed through the skin. also i think he said you only put a couple of drops of it on you and androsol you spray all over you so even if it did get absorbed it would be in so minute amounts it wouldnt even matter, right? the reason i am making sure is because he bought a lot of bottles of this stuff and wasnt sure whether he should stop using it or not. also, he showed me the advertisement for it and apparently it was said to work by 20/20, dateline, discovery channel, cnn, newsweek, and la times. apparaently they all did some sort of test on it to see if it worked.