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anybody used pheromones in colognes? these sound interesting and i think they work (been using realm cologne)but it is kind of hard to notice if they really do work or not. its not like girls drop at my feet or anyhitng. just curious.

Ummmmmmm are you serious. Just invest in a personality instead.
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There have actually been a few studies on the effectivness of pheromones done and it was found that they do work, but no in the way that the companies make their products out to be , like when you take it you’ll be irresistable, thats isn’t gonna happen. but what the studies did show is that when a guy wears pheromones, he isnt perceived as a stud, its more like a" OO he looks interesting" Type deal, it kinda sparks curiosity in you , as they perceieve it. It makes you seem more approachable and friedlier to them and not a threat of rejection. It also makes you seem very inviting to the women. It Kinda sparks a note of curiosity in them for you, and makes you seem very appraochable and not a threat to be rejected or anything like that.


Where can I Get some of those ?? lol

I’ve tried the Realm, and it seems to work. The women tend to want to get a little closer to you and they seem to want to touch you more or rub against you. They don’t rip their clothes off or anything.

Realm is pretty strong stuff. I don’t really like the fragrance myself.

Back in the early 80’s there was a cologne called Andron for Men that had pheromones in it. It did nothing for me, but a friend who wore some had women rubbing up against him all the time. There must be something to it.

There was a study where women were to evaluate pictures of various men. It was found that after smelling male armpit sweat (oh boy) they found the men to be more attractive. Older pheromone colognes tended to use, if I remember right, animal pheromones that don’t work in humans. Realm advertised they used synthetic pheromones that match human pheromones.

The message might be to use deodorant, and not antiperspirant. (Do sweat, don’t stink.) I am just waiting for Biotest to come out with a super pheromone where one whiff makes women drop to their knees. (Not to be used when visiting Grandma in the nursing home.)

I’ve noticed that women seem more attracted to me when I’m not squeaky clean, that is, right out of the shower, but after I’ve perspired a little.

I also stopped using anti-perspirants and use a deodorant based on tea tree oil. (I found it at Whole Foods.) One night this girl was all over me when I was using the tea tree oil deodorant. I thought she was rolling, but she said she wasn’t. She said I just smelled good. I guess there is something to a little bit of natural scent.

I recall one of those studies where it was determined that men found the armpit odor of old women to be most irresistable. No kidding.