Pheragen Round Two

So I know this is going to sound bad and say all the shit you have to whats done is done and i cant change the fact that when i was 17 a wrestling friend of mine gave me a bottle of pheragen this guy was 105 came back next summer 140 just jacked and in amazing shape.

so dumb me i went and took it and fucked up didnt really have a set time or good nutrition and took it just off and on and would use pct in the middle of those breaks not knowing what the hell i was doing but now im 21 and i am just having a hard time with getting gains again and i want to take a cycle now when i took the cycle before i got a little gyno and is that just going to make it worse even if i take another cycle?

  1. Go to a doctor and get checked out blood work wise. This is why we stress people to not jump the gun on gear use because it can fuck you up physically, mentally, and permanently. But, as said its in the past and to late now. I did the same thing and am on permanent TRT from doctor and also other sources as needed. But I’m 22 years old and I’ll have no choice but to pin for life because of my decision. So get to a doc before doing any fucking thing.

  2. If you are susceptible to gyno in the past with a drug that’s not even that powerful then you will most likely see gyno problems in the future. How ever there are drugs to combat the causes of it but, that’s for you to research really. Google AI and Serms and see which will be best for your situation.

  3. Just know if you hurt your natural levels from before going on another cycle will probably only push them lower. So decide carefully what direction you go here because unfortunately 99% of the time it doesn’t really get better on its own.

  1. I just looked at the name of the drug… What the fuck is that???

I can’t find any image results but on the bottle was a horse and thats about it. thanks for your input, helps alot

hmmm, it has a picture of a horse on it. does it have a skull and crossbones too? or Mr. Yuck?

I believe it is definitely a real PH, never seen it used though. People on here will probably say to use a basic test cycle tbh, no one really supports PH use that much, but whatever you do, research enough to be able to explain it to someone else - then you know it. It might be useful to search on various boards for experience threads in addition to more formal research.