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Phera Plex While Cutting


I have some phera plex and have used it for bulking and liked it. I wanted to try a cutting cycle but wanted to clarify the basic outline for the nutrition and training aspect of cutting with anabolic aid. Here was what I was thinking, please let me know if I have anything wrong:

-Lower calories quite low since the PP should help keep muscle with low cals
-Raise training level to about bulking levels
-Keep protein high, most of cals I take in
-Raise energy systems work higher than normal when cutting since should be able to take higher training volume with the PP

Do I have the right idea or has anyone found anything better for the nutrition/training aspect? Thanks


Phera Plex will yeild wet gains which won't really support a cuttting phase like a drier compound would.

If you want to go the precursor way go with a superdrol or Tren-Xtreme. Both of these give drier gains which is where you want to be in a cutting phase.

Make sure you take all the necessary supps before and after.


Oh ok. I was going on the assumption that this article cited in Anabolic Review was correct. Here's the quote:

"Unlike its distant cousin methyltestosterone, Madol is unable to convert to estrogen. This means that its use should not impart the normal estrogenic side effects such as increased water retention, fat buildup, or gynecomastia. This makes it an excellent agent to use during lean tissue building cycles, having an effect somewhat along the lines of Winstrol or trenbolone. It can also be used in bulking cycles."

Is this incorrect?


Or maybe I don't really understand what "wet gains" actually means and how that adversely affects the cutting cylce. Could you explain? Thanks again


I believe wet gains means the weight isn't as dry or lean like a superdrol gain. More water weight.


Ok. I think I will go with M drol after some more research. I will go high carb but low cal with lower fat but still with plenty of EFAs.


Make sure you've got proper PCT set up and liver/kidney supplmentation for your cycle.


i've already got that covered. thanks. How low should I put calories though and how high should training volume be relative to that calorie level?


I like to increase the volume by decreasing the overall weight and hit hiher rep sets. This will burn more cals and exhaust muscles.

Carb up in the AM. No carbs after lunch if you can handle it.

Take as much water as you can. Your calorie level should drop, and monitor this daily. If you can get 1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight on a low carb approach, you won't need to worry about counting any cals.

Alpha Male and Nolva will bounce you back QUICKLY. Alpha Male increased my free test to the ceiling level!


I've got PCT covered already. I'll be taking clomid and aromasin with some longjack for PCT.
Should I keep taking PWO with carbs and protein even in the PM?

I also thought that i could lower calories a bit lower than when normally cutting due to the muscle preservation qualities of the raised test. Did you find this the case?
Also, would you have any program reccomendations from T-Nation to follow? I don't always trust myself to design my own programs.

Thanks again


Sounds like you have it backwards. Make sure your training and nutrition are in line BEFORE hand.

If you need us to tell you what program to use, then you should not be taking androgens.

-Pick a low volume high intesity workout.

-Drink your weight in protien powder in grams each day and your food high protein low carbs.

-Drink a gallon of water a day.

-Low carb PM shakes are great too.


I think I may have worded that question in a way that would mislead you into that conclusion. I have had my training and nutrition in check for a long time. I was just asking the advice on a routine that would work well for something I have not yet done before (cutting while using a PH) but have researched enough to know what TYPE of program I would need, but not the exact program.

I was just asking if you knew of a program on here that fit this type of program for this precise condition that we have been discussing. I admit it was a bit lazy not to just look over the programs I have done before to find one that fit, but it seemed to me that with your past experience of this exact thing, you may have already had a program in mind.

The nutrition part is similar. I just wanted to check to make sure my assumptions on this different situation( a PH while cutting) that I have never done before would be correct. In other words, how would one change a diet and training program that is in check for normal situations (like not taking a PH) and change them for when taking a PH.

Thanks again for all of your advice.


My diets remained the same, and so did my program. Don't overthink the easy stuff.

Eat lots, and use a heavy weight program like a 4x8.


Alright. Will do. Thanks man.