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Phera-Plex Cycle

I am going to be going on a PP cycle in a few days and i just wanted to get some second opinions.
Week 1,2 - 20mg PP, Milk Thistle
Week 3 - 30 mg PP, Milk Thistle

For PCT i want to use Rebound XT or Novadex XT…
any other recommendations for PCT… because I am a poor college student with no connections for nolvadex or clomid, OTC is my only option

Here is my second opinion.

If you want to do some oral tablets you with something real like Dbol. Its less than half the price for more than triple the gains.

If not, nothings better than Liv52. I have a bottle of LiverLonger that I have not used yet; its marketed towards 17AA users.

Don’t settle for imitation anti-estrogen support. Getting Nolvadex thru the mail is actually really, really simple and easy and no risk of seizure.

If you’re not going to do it right, why do it at all.