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Hey y'all. So I haven't been lifting for quite a while now, still training and doing some cardio. But no where near where I was before.

Over the past 2 years I went from 165 to about 200 right now.

Now while I wouldn't call my self obese by ANY means, I definitely have a gut. Probably about 25% body fat atm if I had to guess. And my goal at least for the short term is to get back down to 165 (where I competed at 170) and then past there long term get down to 155 and compete there.

Now a friend of mine, who did use to be obese got a prescription for Adipex (which is a brand of PHentermine)
And doing a bit of research on it, it actually seems to work (unlike 99% of all diet pills out there) Some people were even comparing it to Clen! O.o I highly doubt it's anywhere like Clen, but it seems to have a fairly high level affect in terms of being an appetite suppressant.

Anyone on here with experience with this?

And obviously this is assuming a good workout and diet plan. I have no problem doing those haha.


As you probably already know, phentermine is a form of speed, so of course it's going to work better than an OTC diet pill. I haven't personally used it, but my wife has used it off and on in the past. Works for her, she's dropped some fat but I can't say how good of an appetite suppressant it is - she's never had an issue with appetite, as she doesn't have much of one.

As for it being like clen, I've dabbled with clen a couple times and it's never done anything for me besides make me jittery. I was even using injectable clen a month or so ago and same thing, felt jittery and like my conditioning was going downhill instead of improving. So I stopped using it and will probably trash it - good thing it was fairly cheap. Didn't see much - if any - of a change in bodyfat. Point being, I'd say phentermine is better than clen for fat burning but again, I'm going off what I've seen in my wife for the phen and myself for the clen.


Gotcha, thanks for the info!

Any suggestions as to dosaging and how long to be on before taking a break?

Today will be the 4th day i'll have been on it, but I've only been using half dosages (of a 37.5mg pill)


Not sure how much my wife was taking, and the only 'breaks' she took from it were when she forgot it or ran out and hadn't gotten her scrip refilled yet. I would imagine a break periodically would be a good idea though, probably contribute to adrenal fatigue or something. If your doctor can't tell you or has no idea about adrenal fatigue, a good google search might find an answer.


Gotcha, well thanks for the info regardless.

So far it's been 1 week. of me taking half doses. it's been working so I don't plan on upping the dose at all (atm it's 17.75mg).

First coupla days I had issues with sleeplesness but that's over now.

I"ve been making sure I'm drinking a ton of water each day, and still eating (it really does kill your appetite, i can't imagine how little i'd eat on the full dose).

I haven't been keeping super close track of my calories, but i'd estimate around 2000-2500 per day is the average. (except for last night, where I had a 33oz ribeye...heh)

But I've lost 4 lbs so far. According to some research I was doing, Dr's recomend doing it no longer than 10 weeks at a time (but this is also with the full dose).

So I think imma try doing 2-3 weeks on, 1 week off with the half dose and see how that feels.


i had a doc a couple years ago that put me on that, as he specialized in weight loss and it also helped treat my ADHD. i will be quite honest, it really only worked for about a month, at least as far as controlling appetite. then i spend several months deciding if i was gonna quit, and when i did, had a minor case of amphetamine-ish withdrawal.

personally, i'd prefer ephedrine for fat loss (and for ADHD, too!)... i don't have enough experience with clen to compare the 2, but it seems like clen has more side effects that need to be managed.