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Phenibut Taste.. YUCK


Anyone have any tips for covering up the taste of phenibut powder? BBB?


I should mention that I used to take Z12, but I get a really bad reaction to 5-htp




I might resort to that eventually, thanks. I can already tell you what DOESNT cover it up: Milk. The first dose I was unaware of its extreme sour taste, and washing it down with milk was like swallowing old expired milk.

I was actually trying to find anything on the web to cancel out sour tastes, and I cant find anything. You'd think it'd be widely known or something?


Perhaps a stevia extract?


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I did end up loose packing some caps (emptied some old fat burners) which didnt actually take too long.

I may have to try Stevia, as I have 100g of phenibut left.


I went head first into the Nootropics, and have found my daily 'speed' stack (from a lot of your posts BBB) to be:


1g Choline
330g DMAE
1.6g Piracetam
600mg Aniracetam
10mg Vinpocetine
20mg Ephedrine HCl
81mg Aspirin