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Phenibut Powder : Anyone?


Anyone as ever tried using this nootropic substance? It's said to ahve been used for a long time. Said to have mood enhancement, relaxing effect.

I was considering using this in the future, just want to know impressions some of you might have about it, if any



I felt the effects you described. For me, it was pretty potent. I really felt happy and relaxed while on the stuff. It helped me when I needed a break from a lot of stress. It is up to you if you want to take a shot at it.


I've used it for an alternative to alcohol (or whatever other crutch/drug you prefer to loosen up). It's very good to relax and made me a little more social. However, I kinda felt like ass in the morning. Like it was still present. On top of that it downregulates pretty quickly. I'm kinda wondering what would be the shortest amount of time you could take off in order for your body to respond the same as the first time you took it? Weekend to weekend doesn't seem to be enough, being that's what I've tried since I only party on the weekends.


I was considering taking it in the morning or at mid day, os when I go to bed, the effects is still in but not upon wake-up in the morning.

Anyone know about its half-life?


I don't have any personal experience but it is well known in notropic circles to be very effective (google).

HOWEVER wideguy ain't kidding. Only use the stuff occasionally as there are many stories of people who used it regularly and then went through BAD withdrawl.