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Phenibut & 5-HTP

CT - Your podcast with Ben Pakulski included recommendations to take Phenibut and then 5-HTP for two weeks each to increase GABA and serotonin. Can you specify the dosages (and timing if applicable) for each of these please? Thank you.

You should talk to a doctor. Don’t mess around mixing things until you know how your body and brain work. Worst case, too much serotonin will kill you. It’s not likely, but you never know how you will react. You don’t want to end up shooting up a 7-11 or offing yourself.

Everyone reacts differently to things that change brain chemistry.

Phenibut for two weeks? Result of prolonged phenibut intake is less GABA produced by your body. I had used phenibut for a week at 500mg dose each day and experienced withdrawal - small depression and anxiety. Maybe CT mentioned smaller doses, I don’t know. For me this drug is best for recreational use in larger doses BUT once a week or two weeks.

Sorry but I need to refresh this topic with new information. Just to clarify. I experimented with phenibut and to my surprise, after 2 weeks on 1,5 - 2 grams daily (with Saturdays and Sundays off), the only withdrawal symptom was disrupted sleep pattern for 2-3 days, which was annoying but I expected something much worse. However I cannot recommend such routine to anyone. Everyone is different and should find his own dosage and frequency with caution. There are many reports on the internet of people who ended up badly after abuse. I know this isn’t about training but I just feel the urge to recitify my last post. The dosage recommended by Thib is definitely safe for most people.