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Anyone ever heard of it? If so what is it similar to? Please provide any info you can muster up…dosage amount, usual $, etc… Does it go well with Anadrol? Thanks again. The clomid post was o’ so true…stuff makes me feel like I need some type of moral support. I’m out…

I have never heard of it and my supplier has never heard of it. I hope you did not buy any of it. Be careful and be weary of stuff that is new.

NO-I haven’t bought any of it, already learned that lesson in the past. Thanks for the info.

Hey Bro-

If I may, I would like to tell you my thoughts on Anabolics.

The Tops:

1)Tren Acetate 40mg/every 3-4 days
2)Test Cypro/Enanthate 250mg/week
3)Primo 100mg/every 4 days(cutting)
4)Equipoise 300mg/wk(mass)
5)Arimidex .25mg/eod
6)Nolva 40mg/day for weeks1-2 Post Cycle
Nolva 20mg/day for weeks3-4 Post Cylce

This cycle would be for 8 weeks.
Hope this is beneficial for you.

The Scorp