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PhD In Exercise Science?

Guys, I’m trying to establish a clinical kinesiology, in true muscle nerd fashion. The program doesn’t exist here in Québec, but the univ. I plan to attend permits building your own curriculum of courses frome scratches.

I’d like to know if a similar program exist at grad level in USA or elsewhere, possibly Australia (they’re good at this kind of thing. It would help me build a solid basis for my demand and give it more credency. Google search as yielded nothing so far, so I’m asking this fine crowd of educated people.

Anyone knows of any?

Usually a PhD entails only a few classes (like 4 to 6) for a year and then lots of research for at least 3 more years. And usually your advisor will “steer” you towards classes that will help your research…and this is usually in line with your thesis advisors research interests.

With all due respect, if you are more interested in the classes you will take, maybe a course based masters program is more what your looking for-and might help you in your practice more?

Dr. Redroast

PS: I dont have a phD in kinesiology so I cant speak specifically for that field.

Design your own curriculum? Come on man… you want to get a Ph.D in exercise science, not bring the field to a new low