Phatman Finished

I been thinking about changing the name for awhile now. Couldn’t come up with anything witty or creative. I really like the name my mom gave me, so Phatman has passed into the annals of T-mag lore…

Ya, Phatman really does’nt suit you anymore after those last pics you put up.

You’ll always be “phat” in my book, Colin!

Did I start a trend, or what?..


The annals of T-Mag?

Can’t we have one clean thread? Just one?

Did I say anal? You must of had Klingons surrounding Uranus.

Mike you started the whole thing, although I do like Cupcake a whole lot better than Cake Jones.


Your infectious case of “Digital Schizophrenia” is spreading.

This, however is preferable to that little Simplex Type II incident that no one wants to talk about.

Colin, you will always be “Phatso” in my heart.

And in many regions of my Spleen.

But not, I repeat, NOT in any regions of my groin.

I am saving that for marriage

“Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage - they’ve experienced pain and bought jewellery”

~ Rita Rudner

Colin, I was looking at my buddy list last night and couldn’t figure out who the heck Colin Wilson was. I didn’t remember adding the Hot Roxxx guy, Cy Willson, to my buddy list and was really confused. Thanks for the clarification.

Actually, I think Pealjamfan (however that was spelled) started the trend


I am lying, I’m saving that Groin thing for Solo’s Girl and her Hooker Boots! (HUBBA!)

Speaking of “Pearl”…what happened to her? I have asked many and gotten nothing…I move and “poof” she’s AWOL!..

…inside info? PM me…

“If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments”

~ Earl Wilson

Cupcake - Where do get all those damn quotes? :slight_smile:

Cuppy, I know… Where has she been? Maybe she has been busy. She did start that whole working out thing. I wonder how she’s coming along with it.

Expect a present in the mail soon… :slight_smile:

I think your right, Christina, BigPeralJamFan was the first to start this.

Why don’t we just shake on it, I really don’t want to be next to your spleen, stomach, or colon. BTW…As I was moving through the stomach I think I saw some undigested pork rinds, are we bingeing again?

Hey I’m just happy to be on Christina buddy list :slight_smile: (Those boots are smoking!!)

Colin, I was looking at my little buddy last night and…oh, never mind.

You are right, s.g., Ms. Vedder, aka bigprljamfan, aka “disappeared from the face of T-Nation” was the first in recent history to kill herself, and then resurrect herself as a new and improved version.

Since she’s no longer in existence, I, in an attempt to attract as much attention as possible to myself, attempted to take all the credit! bursts out in ear-splitting, hair-raising, goose-pimpling, evil laugh normally only heard at Halloween from those little plastic pumpkins that have those motion sensors…

I just think it is wierd that she was supposed to meet Karma and Bohdi at Rock yard Brewery in Castle Rock, Colorado on the 13th of September and no ones heard from them since. Karma’s last post was on the 9th… Anyone heard from any of them???

Karma is doing just fine. She’s had some other things going on that have prevented her from spending much time on the forum.