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Phasic Dieting?

So as far as how to go about training/dieting to maximise muscle/performance in strength sports is a relatively high volume approach the best way to go about things (See vid below)

Or is the better approach to continue training as before and treating a caloric deficit as a factor like poor sleep that will negatively affect performance + recovery so maybe like reducing intensity and/or volume to account for dieting while still getting a training/adaption stimulus?

I wouldn’t necessarily say “relatively high volume” is ideal or necessary, but training for strength while eating for fat loss is a surefire way to achieve neither.

The weight training details will be influenced by your specific nutritional approach (low carb, IF, etc.), cardio programming, etc. But basically, yeah, it’s less efficient to train super-heavy/low rep while eating on a calorie deficit.

That video was a very roundabout way to say “coordinate your training and nutrition so they’re both aligned for the same goal.” That’s definitely an approach that works. It’s why addressing body composition (for any sport, not just strength sports) is best-suited for offseason when training and nutrition can be focused on body comp, not skill work.

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