Phase training with Track and field

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the new workout (cycle, circuit training) produced by Charles Staley will work as an inseason workout for a sprinter in track and field at the collegiate level? if Charlie Francis can respond to this it would be extremely helpful with confidence while performing the program.

This is more of a pre-season workout directed toward balanced development, eliminating weak links, etc. It is too diverse and too frequent for track IMO…

Mr. Staley thanks for replying, if its to frequent then which workout would you recommend? could i just do something different to the cycle training to make it work inseason? I need help my coach is weird on this subject he suggests push ups and crap. So any advice would be helpful.

Tough to say because so many individual factors enter into the equation. I recently worked with a World level heptathelete and I adviced her to cut her strength training down to almost nothing. This is an extreme example of course, but hopefully the point is made. In season for 100-200M, you’d probably do full-body workouts 2 times a week, focusing on muscles/range of motions/energy pathways/modes of contraction/modes of strength/etc that are weak links for you.