PHASE I - 4 Week Cutting

I accidentally posted this in Nutrition.

My primary goal is to add some lean body mass, but before I do, I would like to get my body fat a little lower. I have found from past experience that I make much better progress when I focus on one goal (such as gaining muscle or losing body fat) as opposed to simultaneously trying to add muscled and lose body fat.

Current Stats:
Age ? 29
Height ? 6?0
BWT - 193
Waist 34 inches
Body Fat - @10-12%
Tomorrow I will post pics

My Diet for the next 4 weeks:

Training Day:
Meals 1 ? 4
40-50g protein
10-15g fat

1 Apple

Post Workout
75g carb drink
50g Protein Powder

Meal 6
50-60g carbs
35-40g protein

Non-Training Day
Meal 1 ? 6
40-50g protein
10-15g fat

6 meals
300-400g carbs
1 moderate cheat meal

When possible, my meals will consist of solid food. However, I do have a hectic professional schedule and will occasionally substitute 50g of protein power and Flax Seed Oil for a shake.

My weight training will be as follows:
Cardio ? 45min x 6 days a week . First think in the morning Low intensity

Weight Training:
Day 1 ? Back
Day 2 ? Chest
Day 3 ? Off
Day 4 ? Arms
Day 5 ? Legs
Day 6 ? Off

Training Protocol
EX1 ? 3 x 5
Core ?3x
EX2 ? 3x 8-12
Core ?3x
EX3 - 3x 8-12
Core ?3x
EX4 -3x8-12 (Optional)
*No Sets to Failure

Given that my primary goal is to lose as much fat as possible before starting my bulking, I am not focusing on increasing my lifts during this 4 weeks but rater on keeping my current strength. I will also take these next 4 weeks to back off my squat weight and really focus on my form. I have had some back problems in the past. I will also be heavily focusing on strengthen my abs and lower back


I am currently taking multivitamins and vitamin C each morning.
I plan to include RedBands into the last 2 weeks of this program and will note the effect.

Any other suggestions?

I took this before pic this morning.
DAMN!!! - I AM FAT!!

It is amazing how a pic can really serve as a wakeup call!! For some reason, I think every one tends to think they are in better shape than they really are. Oh well? looking at this is motivation!!

This morning before cardio I weighed 189lbs.

Goal ? Lose 8lbs of fat over the next 4 weeks without losing any muscle.

I have also made a slight revision to my plan. I will not include a carb-up day once a week. Given that this is only a 4 week cycle, I don?t think I need one. I will still have one cheat meal on the weekend for mental sanity.