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Phase 1 or the Renegade book?

I’m a broke college football player. I have heard tons of good things abouth Renegade Trng. I did a lot of research. I really want to do this yet theres no way I could afford purchasing the phases. My money goes to pay my tution,books,insurance,food, you get the idea. I was wondering if I purchased the book that I would get the same results? I want nothing but the best. Thank you.

Buy the program. You will not get the same results from the book. The book has a lot of exercises and drills but not a lot about program design. Do not get me wrong the book is one of the most complete there is regarding lifts(kbell, barbell), GPP, philosophy, cone drills, etc. But the program is WELL worth the money. I believe that Coach Davies programs are usually in a 6-8 week mesocycle. Mine is an 8 week program. So you will have 2+ months to save money for the next phase…pending you get through it. When it comes down to it you have to ask yourself how much do you want it?

Great book. I would recommed it to anyone especially competitive athletes. The book covers the full spectrum of athletic preparation. Coach Davies has assisted me greatly in the field and he has done the same for many other people.

Coach Hale

I hope I can help. The book is a teaching and reference guide to understanding Renegade Training. It spells out in great detail the work my athlete do in range of motion (static and dynamic), agility training, linear speed, strength and work threshold development. Much of this work has never been seen before. It has received great review from fellow coaches and athletes, which I am proud of. However, I don’t want to confuse you it is not a day by day training program. If you or others are have questions you are always welcome to ask. In faith, Coach Davies

The book is more of a reference manual; there is not a workout included in it! If you want to create your own training routine or going to follow some of Coach’s previously posted workout’s the book is a great investment. But alone it will not get you the results from Coach’s programs.

In faith, Matt

Personally, I would buy the program. You may pay more over the long term, but you get a complete program. The book is more for do-it-yourselfers or coaches as it is a book of exercises and drills with no programs already made. You could try buying the book then getting in touch with coach for some direction. You could also try posting a " calling all Renegade Footballers" and some of them might be able to give some direction too. But you would probably still need the book for some of the drills. Hope this helps.
Peace, Tmofa

I fully understand your situation as I too am a broke college student. The first phase of the program is not that much more than the book, so why not just save your money and buy the program in a month or two, the book is a great resource but its not a structured training program like you would get if you used the actual program. I’m currently using the shot put program and am achieving tremendous results. So the program is definitely worth the money.

I guess Im gonna opt for the program instead of the book. My next question is regarding the exercises. I notice that you use a lot of “different” exercises. Such as the wheelbarrow walk etc. Since I live in the droms I don’t have access to such equipment. Are there different ways of approaching this? Thank you.

Wesley again I understand your situation, I also live in the dorms and dont have access to some of the weighted gpp exercises. One thing I do for gpp is ruck sack carries. I load up a bookbag or sea bag with sand to add 50-60lbs of weight and go for jogs, walks whatever to work as active recovery and gpp. I do it 3 times a week and have gotten good results with it. You can also get an old tire and a baseball bat and do tire strikes thats another thing that i find very useful. We are in very similiar positions so let me know if you need any other suggestions.

Renegade Chef thanks for your info.