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Occupationally speaking, is there any need for a clinical PharmD. in the world of bodybuilding? I am working on completing my PharmD. and bodybuilding has always been a hobby. I was wondering if pharmacists are ever used to train bodybuilders on properly taking their steroids, etc.


Sounds like a great way to lose your license!


Yep... plus there is already plenty of information on how to use shit, if you have the patience to go looking for it.

if anything, I would rather you post up the big pharma method of compounding powders into syrups. That would be more helpful to me. Not a liquid solution, but like cough syrup.

And I would keep it anonymous. I doubt you would keep your license too long giving out any advice in this category.


I think you would have to strongly focus on harm reduction, much like a doctor who is aware of illegal drug use in a patient. I think if you were to actually advise people how to best take illegal PED, you could attract unwanted attention.

Although, I'm neither a lawyer nor an MD so YMMV.

You may want to PM MODOK about his thoughts, I believe he is a PharmD.


Point taken guys... You'd think that with something that's illegal yet so widely accepted there would be a need for some sort of expertise to avoid all the things that can go wrong. But I guess people that come up with the legislation are known to not have much common sense. Thanks


You're joking if you think steroids are widely accepted. Maybe on a bodybuilding website or maybe at the gym you go to, but in the greater society you'll be viewed as a pariah if you're suspected to be on steroids and if you defend responsible steroid use people will think you also sell heroin to grammar school kids during your free time.