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Has anyone ever heard of or used this brand of gear before? Any feedback is appreciated.

Also, my guy has a 30 ml bottle of winny from this lab that is completely clear. No white powder whatsoever, resembles sugar water. He says it's because the winny is a very fine powder and that this particular mix would fit through pins as small as 29g. Anyone ever seen winny that is completely dissolved to the point where there is no powder to be seen in the bottle? The ingredients are listed on the side of the bottle: Each mL contains 50mg Stanozolol, Benzyl Alc, Aqueous Suspension


Bump. Anybody got any info on these guys?





Bump x2. Anybody know ANYTHING about these guys? I'll take a PM, open-thread response, whatever!


Sounds like the ugly girl on prom nite. C'mon anyone, someone dance with me pleasssseeee.


Alright, last try and I'll give it up.