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Pharmacy Technician Textbook

So, I am planning to purchase a textbook to be certified in NY. So the question is: does the test vary state by state?

More importantly, I understand that not every textbook is helpful for the actual exam (I actually found out people failed because their textbook was irrelevant to the exam). So, for those who have already passed the exam pretty recently, what textbook did you use?

P.S. - I was told “Delmars Pharmacy Technician Certification and Review by Patricia K. Anthony” is extremely helpful to pass the exam, but I am hesitant because it is so outdated.

Dude I was a pharm tec for 4 years…you done need that certification…you can learn EVERYTHING on the job…well if you dont have any kind of Science background then maybe its a good idea…

but generally if you are working for a national chain, the computer basically makes it error proof…

Took a while to me to respond but thanks. Funny, I just got a job for a tech haha