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Pharmacy stock

Does anyone know of a good pharmacutical company to invest in?  Forget the companies that already made it big in the stock market.  Is there any company that may be coming out with a new product that would be something even close to a viagra.  I believe steroids and GH will be used more and more in the years to come, which of course would drive stock up.  Any T-brokers out there that could help me out?  

I would seriously look at Eli Lilly. The company is experiencing a “downturn” so to speak, given the fact that their crown jewel, Prozac, came off of patent on August 3rd. However, Lilly is regarded as having the best pipeline of drugs in clinical trials of any pharmaceutical company in the United States. Sometime in 2002, Lilly is expecting to pass a drug tentatively called “Xigris” through the final stages of FDA trials. It is supposedly a revolutionary drug to treat sepsis. Also, I believe the company has another drug, set for launch in 2003, called Cialis that is supposed to oust Viagra as the drug of choice for erectile dysfunction. I’ve read studies that says this drug won’t have the blood vessel constricting problems that Viagra occassionaly causes grandpa to have 36 hour erections. All in all, some forecasters forsee these two drugs alone possibly doubling Lilly’s net income within the next ten years and erasing any lost profitability from the Prozac loss.