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Pharmacy/Insurance Tracking Test C Amount?

I was just switched to test. cypionate from gel and when I went to pick up my first prescription it had been pre-approved by my insurance but I couldn’t pick it up yet under insurance so I decided to pay out of pocket. So my question is, if I go in early for the next script will I be able to get it early? Usually if you go in too early the pharmacy says you can’t until a certain date due to insurance. So since insurance doesn’t know I’ve picked it up, does the pharmacy keep track or care?
Reason I ask is that I like to keep a little stash just in case, and also so I can experiment a little on my own.

Testosterone cypionate is a controlled substance, so they do keep track of it. I’m able to fill my prescription early so I don’t run out.

The depo testosterone comes overfilled with 1ml to account for loss do to using syringes with dead spaces, but I use insulin syringes with no dead space and am always accumulating test.

Yes. Testosterone is a Schedule III “drug” so it is a “controlled” substance. Insurance or not, they are not (should not) going to refill it early, usually they will want to see about 80% of the current dose (script) used prior to refilling the script.

If audited and regulators see they are refilling your 10cc vial of test every 5 weeks, they are going to think you are overdosing or selling some of it.

OK…thanks guys. I’ll research the insulin syringes. Are you talking about the fixed needle syringes?

Something like this work?

If you’re paying out of pocket, at least try to use GoodRX. They can get some pretty huge discounts on some meds

Perfect, the 1ml syringes are ideal especially for daily dosing where increases needed are as small as 1-2mg increments.

When I go from 7->10mg daily, that’s too big a move for me. Going from 7->8mg daily produces big changes in how I feel.

I’m hyper sensitive to Test on daily protocols.

Even without insurance the pharmacy will limit you. I’m having to wait a few weeks because I’ve been going to my doctor every two months and receiving a 10 week prescription. It’s fine because I use what I’m prescribed but I don’t like cutting it too close to running out.

How does one load those syringes?
I’m used to using a removable needle, and I load with an 18g.

Stick it in and pull back the plunger? It isn’t molasses

I’ve tried that with the 25g that I inject with, and it doesn’t work very well. And that’s a 27g. Not to mention, that the needle gets dull when sticking it into the rubber plunger. Then it doesn’t go into me easily.

Back fill. Pull the plunger out, fill with 23 ga draw needle, reinsert plunger. Tilt up, when the air goes to the top, push it out of the needle. Easy. No dull needles.

With a 30g it doesn’t really seem to make any difference that it’s gone into something twice. But yeah @hardartery ‘s way works just as good or better. It does take a bit for it to draw through a needle that small and some oils will have more trouble than others. To me it’s worth the hassle to have virtually painless injections

When you guys use a separate draw needle do you re-use them?

I reuse the needle to fill one to two weeks worth of injections, out of one or two 1ml vials. I don’t save the needle for the next time.

If it works out that I empty the draw needle, I toss it. If not, I wipe it with alcohol and store it with the other syringes. But I’m dealing with single use glass amps.