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Pharmaceutical Importation

It’s been a while since I’ve read about this so if anyone knows can they help me out. I know it’s okay to import a 90 day supply or less of a prescription drug without a prescription as long as it isn’t steroids or a highly scheduled drug but are drugs like Soma and ultram (carisroprodol and tramadol)legal to import in small amounts?

I’m not sure they are scheduled as high as steroids but I do believe they are scheduled higher than regular scripts. I know of some internet sources but I’m wondering if this is legal or if they are the same class as steroids.

From what I understand, if they are not federally scheduled drugs they may not be able to prosecute you, but they can certainly seize them, because you do not have a prescription.

Secondly, even though they may not be federally scheduled drugs, they may be scheduled by YOUR state, you have to be careful there.

For example, someone I know, lives in Indiana, where it is technically illegal to HAVE ANY prescription drug without a prescription.

Is your package going to be inspected? Probably not.

Are your local authorities going to be involved if your package is inspected
It is very unlikely.

But it is important to know that if everything is lined up just right you can, and sometimes people DO get prosecuted for this kind of thing (however rare).

I’ve imported a years supply of dutistride, no prob.

I’ve imported dutasteride as well. Drugs that are schedule 5 should be fine. In your case the amount was not okay but they usually don’t find the meds in the mail or they simply look the other way. I can’t find what schedule flexeral and tramadol are on but I think they may be higher than something like dutasteride.

And, if they are as high as steroids you can get in real trouble bringing in just a little bit. The good thing is I rarely use this stuff and I only need it for when I have very bad pain so I would order a very small supply.
Thanks for the responses.

Dutasteride, well I butchered that spelling.

Anyway searching around a bit because I didn’t even know what you were really talking about and came up w/ this.

Cyclobenzaprine is regulated in the U.S. for prescription only. Cyclobenzaprine is unscheduled, however, and it is not illegal to have cyclobenzaprine in your possession, even without a prescription

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