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Pharmaceutical-Grade DHEA & Melatonin?

I have been buying my DHEA and Melatonin from Empower and wondering if it worth the $$ over what they sell on Amazon. Empower Melatonin is .66 per cap and DHEA is .43. While the cost is not huge, i am wondering if I am wasting my money. Any experiences / thoughts appreciated…

Looking at the DHEA offerings on Amazon, is painting a “don’t do it picture”… I currently take 15mg DHEA and it keeps me in the upper ranges and I see amazon regularly sells 100mg which would blow my levels off the charts.

@scubadiver I buy a lot of my drugs from Empower in Texas (Tcyp, Anastrozole, B12, Lipo-C, tri-mix) but I would not buy DHEA or Melatonin if the price was higher. PURE from Amazon will be just as good.

Thank you! Looking at the PURE brand the melatonin comes in 3mg caps so taking two each night would bring the cost similar to Empower; however, I see that PURE has a time released version on Melatonin that intrigues me and may be worth a try so I can hopefully sleep through the night!