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I’m planning on ordering some “Vitamin S” from Pharma Group later this month. Any news from past clients of Pharma Group regarding receiving their order and the best way to have it shipped, etc.?

i have ordered from them in the past. the good news is they always come through and its legit. the bad news is it will take a while compared to a domestic source and you will pay an arm and a leg. maybe even your first born. VERY expensive. later

U pays ur money and u take ur chances. 50% chance of confiscation.

I heard they were selective scammers.

I have used them on several occasions with great success. As stated above, you’ll probably wait about 2 months for your order to arrive…

I ordered Bromo on two occasions from them about a year ago. I got it fine, no problems the first time. The second time I got nothing at all. I doubt it got confiscated, Bromo is perfectly legit. Maybe I’m one of the unlucky 1 in 1000 that gets screwed. I’d just suggest you be carefull and not buy too much at once.

KingProtein: How did the Bromo work for you?? I just ordered some last week from different supplier.

For me the Bromo was just a glorified appetite suppressant. I have logs that show I went weeks at a time at about 1200 calories + cardio and lifting every day, nevermind that it was a stupid thing to do. Whether or not the Bromo had anything to do with this, I don’t know. Maybe I was just being stubborn. Other than this unprecedented increase in self-discipline I’m not sure I can attribute anything else to the Bromo. I wish I could’ve given it another shot, but alas, the second order never came. As for side effects, at first it left me dizzy all the time, but that went away after the first few days. The stories of people puking and passing out were all overstated IMO. My advice is to start very small in terms of dosages and work your way up. If there’s anything else in particular you need to know, just ask.

KingProtein: Thanks for responding. I tried to PM you but I couldn’t get it to work. I actually have quite a few questions for you if you don’t mind spending the time.
What dosage did you start with and end up with?
Did it cause any jitters or sleep problems?
Was the appetite supression so marked that you unintentionally started eating only 1200 calories a day or was that on purpose?
How were the weight loss effects as far as fat loss and lean muscle loss?

Sorry, I know that is alot of questions. Bet your sorry you offered any help. :slight_smile:


How about United Pharmacy? Anyone recognize these guys. I did a search on the forum and there was 1 post seeking info with no reply’s. There website is great and has a lot of info about cycles, side effects, etc. I tried MAG 10 and am considering something a little more effective, just doing my due diligence and research.

I started at about 1.25mg and worked all the way up to 5mg over the course of the week. I definitely had dizziness the first week, but no symptoms thereafter. Absolutely no jitters or sleep problems (that I can remember). The 1200 calories was on purpose, but I have a feeling the Bromo made it much easier. I think it allowed me to forget about food. Unfortunately, it did nothing to spare muscle on such low calories, which is dissapointing especially considering I was on prohormones too at the time.

As far as results go, I wasn’t impressed. Eating an average of 1760 Calories over 8 weeks, the records say I lost about 6.7lbs fat, 3.2lbs muscle. (that’s taking into account water weight). In my 3 crazy (read:stupid) weeks, I lost 4.3lbs fat, 2.7lbs muscle - this was on 4-AD as well. Not as if I was particularily lean and fighting through the single digits either. I started at ~14.7% and ended up somewhere at 11.6%. Oh well.

as a rule i dont bother with any “source” that has a website. pharmagroup would have been the only exception and i dont bother with them anymore although they always came through for me. a good source most likely wont be waiving a flag screaming i sell steroids. especially a good domestic source. which is ultimately what you want. that simply comes from hanging around and making friends. get guys that are connected to trust you and hook you up with a solid domestic source. then your on the inside and the fun begins

KingProtein: Thank you . Much appreciated.