Pharma Grade Test - Orange County, CA

Im getting annoyed with doctors. Im 27, have low test, 240 - 320 range, and no one is doing anything to help. I feel like shit, I have no sex drive. I have no energy. I feel like an old man. Im getting desperate.

I hear about these anti-aging clinics… or places you can go where these people know whats up. They willl get you into the 900s or 1000 range, also use hCG and whatever else…

I tried reading the FINDING A DOC sticky. and that just confused me.

Am I allowed to ask if anyone in my area can recommend a GP or a place I can go to get this crap taken care of… I just wanna get some freaking test in me already. Legal and safe. I have low immune system, so I dont wanna risk going though a UGL.


What are your LH and FSH test results ?

If they’re low or low normal, you can boost your T level with low dose clomid. Try 25mg every other day. You will remain fertile and you’ll have a chance at restarting your own T production. Stay away from anti aging clinics if you can. They want you on TRT because they usually sell it to you by the month. You’re too young for TRT unless you have primary hypogonadism. You can get 25 mg clomid online from alldaychemist and it’s good stuff (Fertomid 25). If the docs won’t help you, do your own labs. The Hormone panel for females at privatemdlabs is good for males too and it’s the best test for a clomid user. It measures LH, FSH, E2 and total T. It’s $50.99 if you use the 15% off coupon code. If you use clomid, use as little as possible to improve your symptoms. Don’t worry about reaching the top of the range if you feel good at 600.

If you respond well to clomid, you might want to try Tamoxifen. It doesn’t work for everyone but it has less side effects than clomid.