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Pharm Grade vs. Street Gear


Would you pay 70 dollars for 5ml of pharm grade Test as opposed to 10 ml of street test for the same price? I have a friend who is going through testosterone replacement therapy and is currently receiving the vials as a prescription. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on the 2 sources and whether or not you feel it would be worth coughing up the extra cash.



Street gear being home made stuff? Or some obscure place in iran? If you can find the specific lab you can look up reveiws with their products and if they are rated highly you may be just as good with the cheaper option. If you wanna make your own prop I heard its really cheap and you can even do it thin enough to be put through insulin needles.


There's always the piece of mind for doctor prescribed testosterone. There are many UGL fakes as well as under dosed or extremely high BA legitimate UGL products. The money means nothing if it relieves all doubt......well, within reason.


Actually in my case I get legit Schering sustanon through a pharmacy (I have addisons disease and need HRT since the age of 16 and till I die) and I also get sus through a friend. I pay more for the UG sus (about 10%) but it feels more potent. I cant explain why. I dont believe in the placebo effect and im a pessimistic person and everything I get imo is fake unless I feel it. its very wierd but the legit sus isnt as strong. dont know why...


Could be because legit sustanon has test deca and other really long estered tests, where I suspect that most UG "sustanon" is a combo of prop and cyp/enth.


You know what, you may be right, because I feel it kicking in faster. and in fact I almost dont feel anything when getting the legit schering to the point I dont want to take it as psychologically I keep thinking its underdosed or fake (which is stupid since it cant get more legit than this). also I recently got some testoviron depot (3 amps) from the pharmacy and hit those and felt nothing so im guessing its not that it isnt legit but the kick is quite immediate with the UG. I feel it kicking in about 20 hours after I hit it.