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Phallic size in regards to zma supp.

15 year old male

Anyways, I was taking zinc for a while, then I found out that wal-mart brand zinc contains calcium, which makes it a dud/placedbo. So i am buying some zma, with b12 as the binder instead. I was wondering if thezinc, and the testosterone increase it says might happen with increased my sizes.

i dont know about your wiener dude, but you should be very carefull about taking anything that might?? increase test in your body at such a young age. illegal or over the counter. it should not be in your plan this early in your life. when i went to school there were a small group off really buff guys who all did real well in sports. but they were all real short. at the time i could not put it twogether, but later i found out that they were all on (something)… and at that young age it makes the ends of your bones cap off, that means that you will be very short!!! a boy like you can grow taller into his early 20’s. so please think it over…

I can hear the immature giggles now. Get some security, boy! It’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat, unless your boat happens to be one of those little inflatable rubber duck floaties for kids. Hehe, well, genetics are your limit, my man. If you’re small, you’re small, no matter what heart-attack inducing pills or vein-tearing pumps you use. And surgeries just make it lumpy. Also, I’m not sure how high ZMA pushes T levels, but considering you’re 18, it won’t matter much. I’d still use it if I could afford it regularly (every little bit helps).

Hehehe… lumpy

Sorry Randy Andy but ZMA isn’t going to stretch your noodle for you. The only sure fire way to do that that I am aware of is to attach a 10 pound plate to your specimen with a short string, climb a step ladder and drop the weight. The real advantage is that it is less expensive to buy string than ZMA. The disadvantage is that it may pull you off the ladder and you could fracture a bone®.

15, but anyways, its a vitamin dude. Its not gonna make my bones cap off. I am 5’8", whihc is a little short, but i would rather be a little short, height weight, then a little short otherwise.

ZMA is not a vitamin it is two different minerals- dude.

dude your 15! you probaly cant even piss in the toliet straight with out getting it every where, let alone know how to please a female. you got your whole life ahead of you to get laid. besides if you screw up and knock some girl up your life is basically over for the next 20 years. trust me i know. always broke, and having to deal with a kid 24/7 you have no life. just wait till you hit 21 and the club scene.

Goddamn that was funny!!!