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PH Question


hey whats up

I'm planning on giving a go to the V-Diet in July to further lean up but I am also contempleting a run at another cycle of ph....maybe around september/october

my question is would it be best to hit

Superdrol with low-moderate calories




Used prohormones before?
How old are you?
How long have you been training?


I'm finishing up pct for my first ever ph cycle of SD

I'm 20 at 5'10 320 high 20's bf

I've been hitting weights for about 15 years


Are you running a SERM PCT?
Remember you need your off time too between cycles.
If 20 and weights for 15 years... youve been lifting since 5 years old? D:

Anywhom what would you want the PH for?


Superdrol is stronger, halodrol has some nice effects that superdrol dose not, increased cardio efficiency, etc.

But both are very lean compounds, and both would be effective for cutting.

Superdrol is the stronger compound and somewhat cheaper as well and is therefor the obvious choice.

30-40mg+ / day at your weight is recommended, standard SERM PCT.

And thats about it.


Yea, I've been in the gym for a looong time haha

I'm using nolva

and I know I need times between cycles, thats why I'm waiting til this fall to possibly get into anather

I'm just looking to find the best way to use a ph for cutting...I noticed a big drop iin bf during the SD cycle while taking in high cals

so i'm thinking that sd at a maintenance cal intake would work as a cutting compound

or if i should just go with the traditional halo, i've heard it was the best for a cutting/leaning phase


Why not try dropping calories drastically while using one of those compounds? I'm sure you would maintain all of your muscle. You seem like a big bastard who may actually look decent if you shed some lbs.