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PH Help

Hey guys I have a couple of questions that would be awesome if you could help me, So the other day my friend offered me some PH just for free cause he is in the NCAA and he said he is getting drug tested soon so he is just going to get rid of them, I considered taking them but I just said hold onto them ill think about it.

But when I was 17 I took a PH called Pheragen for sports in High School to give me a lot more strength for wrestling football and track it helped out so much I gained 15 pounds of muscle my lifts went up like crazy and I just loved it, unfortunately being the dumb High Schooler I was I really didnâ??t research what I was doing or take any attention that I was basically taking a steroid.

So my question is what would happen if I take another one I really loved the results it helped so much. But there were also some side effects like I have some gyno because I was not taking the PCT correctly at all. So if I took a PH when I was 17 wouldnâ??t that of messed up my test to estrogen levels permanently? What would happen if I took it correctly this time?