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PH For Physical Fitness Test


I have a PT test coming up and I was wondering if you guys think a good PH cyle would help me with my run.I have done a couple of cyles before but of course it was for strength and mass.I've never heard of anyone doing this.Anyone have any thoughts on this and if so, what PH would you suggest?


Ummmmm....26 views and no replies.Anyone have any input at all?


I don't know. It seems counterproductive to toss on new muscles before trying to do endurance efforts.

Perhaps you should do some HIIT work to get some fairly rapid aerobic adaptations.


If this is for the military, depending on the service, it means he knew about his PT test up to a year in advance.


I've been knowing for about a month and a half.I've battled a sinus infection and ear infection this whole month so that's why I thought I might look for something that would help since I really wasn't able to run all month.


No. Some can't even run on ph's such as SD cause of back pumps. Look up ephedrine.


Thanks halflife.I probably will try that.I think I'm gonna take some before the test and see how it works for me.


I asked for advice professor x if you didn't have any then you shouldn't have posted.It's not like I am a lazy bastard I just don't like running because I lose so much muscle mass.I usually start running about a month before the PT test.


Tarfu, I wasn't calling you "lazy", but I was calling you unprepared. I understand that shit happens and you explained about being sick. However, one of the reasons your post was probably skipped is because pro-hormones not only won't give you any sort of aerobic or performance enhancement anywhere near enough to make a difference on a test based on how fast you can run a long distance, but they are prohibited in the military meaning I wouldn't recommend them, especially on an open forum.


I totally agree that I wasn't prepared.We usually pencil whip our PT test and now we have a new E-8 in that is a former DS so he's hardcore.I finished an SD cycle about 5 weeks ago and went from 205 tp 220 so that added weight is hurting me.At the time of doing that cycle I didn't realize that we had a PT test coming up.

I've never heard that PH's couldn't be used in my branch.I will have to check that out.Sorry to snap at you.I knew I had never heard of a PH helping with aerobic activity but I just wanted to ask and see if anyone has tryed it.I know on my first week of SD I had tons of endurance while in the weight room but I don't know how it would have affected me on a 2 mile run.

Maybe some horrible back pumps dunno.Anyway thanx for the headsup on the PH use in the military.I will check out that policy as soon as I return to work.How would I go about finding out supps you can and can't take?


I was in the army for quite a few years in combat MOSs'. I varied in bodyweights from 235(upon enlistment) to 193(the day I left).

When I first enlisted I was a competitive Pler. I did 103 pushups, 90 something situps and ran the two mile in just under 15mins and thought i was going to die at the basic training PT test.

Years later in my military career I ran several marathons(to include the pikes peak) and kept a bodyweight in the 190s. I was able to maintain a 300lb bench my entire time. That came down from 355(competition bench) when I enlisted, but I was also running 12:00 two mile at the lighter weight and averaging 8:30 per mile for marathons. I know that is not super.

I gave up squatting entirely(Not Fun) but continued to do hindu, other bodyweight, one leg, and rucksack squats. I lifted upper body once or twice a week, but mostly climbed ropes, and did pull-ups. I never did one pushup in my free time and still average 90 pushups on the PT test, just from benching.

It depends on your MOS whether or not you can lift weights or would get any benefit from PHs. If you are in a noncombat MOS and only run for PT test than why not? Just make sure your cycle and the test dont conflict.

If you are in a combat MOS like I was, I found more benefit from outside the gym and not really from having a ton of extra bodyweight. Unless your only job is assaults, where being the size of the door you are busting through has some benefit. Then I would stick to test cycles and try to avoid back hormones that cause pumps. I had a lot of friends who were on and most of them suffered from the extra weight in the feild.

I never saw the benefit of a cycle when everytime we do a week of training you cant eat right, not to mention when u go to a school and lose 20-30 lbs due to starvation.

Take the army as a profession and train to be more effective in combat.... a balance of strength and endurance, which will makes you sacrafice some size. I would rather be really good at runnin and rucking, then half ass in the gym. And trust me, I love the weights... am almost up to 250 now :).

Good Luck. Stay Safe.


Besides staying up on your run, the next to best thing is HIIT for getting a good run time on your PT test. When I was in the Marine Corp, I would cut the distance in half(1.5 miles, 3 mile test) and just go as hard as possible. I was down to under 8 mins for this little run and shaved my time from 22ish mins for 3 miles to the low 19ish mins for the 3 miles.

I remember a few times puking that EAS brand shit that was suppose to be like Spike that had St. Johns Wart in it. Those were the times...
Now in the army I do the same thing, cut the 2 miles down to 1 and go hard as possible to get the time down and for a amp before run I take something like Spike( my own blend of 200mg of Caffine, 3 Gram of Tyrosine and 200mg of DMAE) about 1 hr before the test. I also like to GTG on pushups, HSPU and situps about a month or two out to "peak", or be where I want to be the week of the test.


What are GTG pushups and HSPU situps?