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PH for Fat Loss?


Quick question for people knowledgeable with pro hormones,

Are there any PHs that you would recommend to aid in fatloss?

I'm currently at 244lb and need to shed ~30lb in the next 4 months.

My current stack is a simple ECA stack, should I continue with this ECA stack or are there any PHs that would do the job better?


What bodyfat% are u at?


Prohormones are fine for slightly recomping, but 30 lbs of weight loss is going to be far more reliant on proper dieting. PH's just won't do much at all, particularly if weight is the bottom line. Albuterol and Clenbuterol are good for fat loss, but again I wouldn't use things like that to lose a large amount of weight. Maybe the last 10 lbs.



also, i don't think you're gonna be able to find any PH's anymore, unless it's from a buddy or something that stocked up.


try 1-androstenolone, stuff dried me up pretty good with minor to zero sides..use nolva for pct and you should be g2g