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PH for an 18 Year Old?

I know, an 18-year old shouldn’t even be looking ProHormones, but right now I’m really at a loss.

My Test levels are around 200 ng/dL but my doctor wont give me test shots because he says that I’m still within the “normal” range for my age group. Yet I’m still getting all the shitty side-effects of having low test. Loss of sex drive, ED, sleep disturbance, feeling lethargic, no energy, and difficulty putting on muscle.

From what I understand (I might be wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised), a PH would raise my test levels back to where they should be, probably higher with a couple bonus side effects. I was just wondering if this was a plausible solution for my problem. I’m just tired of all bullshit from doctors, waiting for appointments and blood tests only to have them not do shit, I’d rather just take care of it myself.

I’ll go ahead and throw my flamesuit on because I know an 18-year old shouldn’t be taking ProHormones. Thanks for any constructive help.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Your doctor is not a ‘healer’ if he won’t alleviate your symptoms and treat your condition. I suggest you find one that is.

Seriously, a PH won’t boost your test levels. It will reduce your test levels and replace them with some odd androgen which may or may not make you feel better for a short while only.

Trust me when I say that prohormones are not the solution you seek.

Find another doctor. Seriously.


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You ask if a PH will bring your levels up to par and then some in a safe and correct way, then you say you know you shouldnt at your age!

You answered your own question.

The PH’s you are thinking about are basically semi-legal pre/pro-steroids. They will shut off your own production of test totally, and do you need that? Nope.

I am actually a little puzzled that any 18 year old can differentiate between what high and low test levels feel like. I mean - it takes years of body awareness and also experience of natural and artificial ups and down of androgen levels to learn how it feels… many men at 40 still dont realise it is andropause when it happens to them, due to a lack of knowledge but also due to never having experienced the sudden rise and fall of androgen levels due to AAS use.

It also occurs to me that you have listed every main symptom of low androgen levels as if you were reading or reciting them from memory…
I am not saying you are making the lot up - but i am fairly confident that you have researched the symptoms in order to convince doctors (and possibly us) you have all the signs of low test, in order to get TRT - or some form of medical/drug based action - which is NEVER EVER going to happen at your age unless you remove your small, child-like balls.

Did you ever think that there may be good reasons why these very highly educated men and women are NOT giving you exo-test just because someone has suggested you get it or you read steroid sites?

I suggest that you work with what your mamma gave ya. You eat healthily, plenty of iron and zinc to support those hormone levels. Low saturated fat, high in EFA’s, wholegrains, lean protein, supplement with ZMA and do occasional cycles of a high quality tribulus. It really does work if you get good stuff.

Exercise regularly and get in the best shape you can. I will tell you this - training for muscle is the longest, slowest fucking process i know. I mean that.
It isnt the low test that makes it difficult to gain, it is JUST difficult to gain! But you will get spurts of muscle growth every now and then naturally making it all worth it. Drugs are not what you need at your age or you WILL fuck up your hormonal system for life.

Many of the larger and better trainees here are from around 30 upwards to around 50. The point is you have a lot of time… train naturally and eat and live to accentuate your own test levels - no drink or drugs. Early nights and early mornings.

Let me guess… instead of the above you’d rather a few pills a day instead?
Well you are 18 and are more than welcome to do what you want - but be aware that of that route and the one i have outlined, you will have a lot less trouble with your libido and hormonal happiness with my plan.


find a different doctor, nuff said. Thats completely unethical.

I would not recommend a ph. One of the worst side effects of some phs are lethargy. With pplex, i was feeling very lethargic and depressed. There were times when i didnt even want to go work out, i had to force myself.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
find a different doctor, nuff said. Thats completely unethical. [/quote]

What the doctor did is not unethical by any stretch of the imagination. My brother is 18… almost 19, he’s been a “late bloomer”. A year ago my father (an md) ran his bloodwork and his test levels were, I believe below 200ng/dL, I… with my forum knowledge in hand… lectured my dad about what he could and should do. He looked at me like I was an idiot and explained the possible havoc that could be wreaked upon the endocrine system by prematurely putting a young man on testostorone therapy.

A year later, my brother has grown 6 inches, weighs 25 lbs more, and is the starting safety on his football team.

Point being, doctors goto school for years in order to properly diagnose and treat patients from a point of view that takes into account their short term wants, but puts higher value upon their long term needs.

There is a reason that PH’s are advised against for young men under the age of 21, and this is a perfect example, his endocrine system is not fully developed… and def not stabilized. Obviously the OP is still dealing with pubescent growth issues, a PH def won’t help. And from his doctor’s educated standpoint, Testosterone isn’t going to help either.

Not to sound like a complete dick but things like lethargy, and sleep disturbance can be directly related to your diet.

And I thought I was going to go through this whole thread without hearing the word diet. Thank you vodka…

As for the OP, I agree in the fact that your diagnosis of the situation sounds like an encyclopedia. Its TOO textbook.

Have you experienced with anything in the past that could have negatively effected your endocrine system?

A friend of mine got on HRT when he was 18, I was really suprised I definitely didn’t think you could find a doctor who would actually do that.

Point is, it might take you a while to find the right guy, but it is possible. Good luck man.

However he has to buy 10 ml of Prop for $300, so I’d rather not be on HRT lol even though it is human grade.