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PH/DS Cycle



Age: 21
Height: 6'2
Weight: 205
BF: Around 10%
Training: 4 Years - Consistently 5-6 days/week
Day 1 - Chest/Delts/Traps
Day 2 - Legs/Back
Day 3 - Arms/Abs
Day 4 - Off

1RM: As of approx. 2 months ago
Squat - 355
Bench - 285 --> up from 95 lbs from when i first started lifting, ha.
Dead - 455
Hang Clean - 275
BB Military - 195

4,000-5,000 cal/day
200-300g protein/day
300g Carbs/Day --> Not certain; I Dont not monitor carbs so much as for I am already lean.

Food consists of Eggs, Brown Rice, Chicken, Steak, Turkey, Whole Wheat Pasta/Bread, Some fruits and Vegtables and a whole lotta milk. (Basic Majority)

Therefore; I plan on running a cycle of CEL HDrol. It is my first PH cycle.

Schedule as follows
Hdrol: 50/50/75/75 possibly week 5 at 75.
Liv 52 throughout
PCT: Taxomifen Citrate @ 40/40/20 or 40/40/20/20.. Your opinion?
Gainer Shakes

My goals for this cycle are to gain lean mass and strength... 10lbs of solid muscle and maintain BF% and out do my 1RM's. Please, if you have any advice on what I could add/eliminate or any critiquing at all.. I want to do it right the first time to maximize gains and minimize sides.
Thanks Gentleman


Personally I'd say try reaching your goals by doing the diet and workouts you've drawn up, but without the garbage PH's. You can also take out the "gainer shakes". If you're really getting 4000-5000 calories from "clean" foods, "gainer" shakes are unnecessary (and counter-productive). At your height and weight you shouldn't have much trouble achieving those goals (if you honestly stick to your diet) without taking that junk. In fact, if you can't meet those goals with that diet, then it's probably a sign that something is wrong, i.e. sticking to the diet and/or your workouts. If that's the case, then we can iterate on that until your diet and lifting are really locked in, then once you've hit ~230 lbs we can design a clean, safe cycle with legit anabolic compounds and "do it right" the first time.

How's that sound?


Is there a reason you pair your two biggest muscle groups together?

Your diet is probably the finest piece of engineered sports nutrition i have ever witnessed(!)
I mean 5000kcals from whole food sources is a full time job!

Not to mention that your highest protein amount coupled with your highest carb amounts only accounts for 2500 of those calories.. you must eat a lot of fat!



With the hdrol you want to be running at 75-100mg for around abuot 6 weeks... needs higher doses and longer duration to be effective (gains apparently take a while to kick in).

40/40/20/20 with nolva.

                          CAL.   /  PROTEIN   /  CARBS

64oz. Skim - 960 / 64 / 88
4 Slice Bread - 440 / 20 / 84
6 Whole Eggs - 480 / 42 / 3
4oz. Pasta - 420 / 20 / 76
Pasta Sauce - 70 / 2 / 11
Turkey Slices(5) - 150 / 25 / 3
2oz. Cheese - 220 / 12 / 3
PB & J - 400 / 14 / 43
2 Large Chick. - 460 /100 / 0
Protein Shakes - 1,075 / 90 / 127

Total: 4,675g 390g 438g

Not included: Vegtables, Fruits, & Almonds.

I don't see a problem..


No problem other than in your first post it is clear you eat 4-5000kcal without the addition of shakes - as they are added under the cycle.

And the training? What about that?