PH, Am I Doing This Correctly?

I have tried a cycle or two and had some good results. Although I know I fudged it here and there.
I,m now looking into some new topical agents but I’m getting conflicting info. I just want to know how much damage I’m doing for the gains. Is it worth doing it? Some inside from experience is what I would greatly appreciate.

This might be the strangest post I’ve seen on this site yet. I can’t figure out what anything you said here means. Congrats buddy.

Well confusion was not the goal. I am just looking for some guidance. I was going to try some topical ph’s and started reading some very mixed reviews from many sites. this one seems to be the most legit. That is why I stated my questions so broad. The ph’s I speak of are liquitren, nano1-t ,nanobol to name a few.

The one I would of liked to use is liquitren. I admit I am lacking in experience but I have tried cycles before with some good and bad results. It’s hard to get a clear picture on what to do with conflicting articles opinions and people taking trash. I just want to know how to do it right with out destroying my body.

There’s no answer since most PHs/designer steroids are new synthesized compounds that have had very little studies and trials done(if any). Even with normal steroids, the long term effects are still relatively unknown. Proceed at your own risk.

topical prohormones? I didn’t even know that was a thing. I wouldn’t expect much from them but maybe I’m just being cynical

I got ya. is there a reason that you don’t want to use other more standard delivery methods (oral)? Bio test actually made a topical PH awhile back. It was a skin spray product… I believe it was called 11T. Or something like that. So it’s not unheard of though it’s certainly rare.

I believe the main reason a company would produce transdermal PH’s would be to get around the current laws. Formulation would be slightly different from currently banned similar products. It’s also a way to get around methylation, so it may be easier on the liver. It’s anyone’s guess if there are other sides that might be worse. The hard research just isn’t out there, and even soft research (reviews from users) is limited.

Effectiveness is almost certainly going to be the biggest downside. These products would be used regularly by everyone if they were effective. I highly doubt that, as a stand-alone product, this will do much for you. I honestly can’t find a great reason to use this product, but on the other hand, if someone gave me a bottle for free, I’d probably try it out just for funsies. But I’d stack it with test, not run it by itself.

First thank you for what seems to be the first honest info I got so far.

Your right the reason I wanted to use topical is less harsh on the old liver. Also I read you absorb more that way. The one I would like to use is liquitren witch contains estra4-9-11-methacrylate that converts to trenavar.
At least that’s what it says. I used liquitren that contains dienolone I stacked it with cytnostane I did see a good boost in strength.The gains were nice also unfortunately I broke my leg and had to take some time off.

So I’m looking for a nice boost to get back in the swing of things. Or am I crazy?

ngredients: Isopropanol, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, cis-9-octadecanoic acid, estra-4,9,11-methacrylate, nerolidol, glycerin, hypromellose

If this is a product you really want to use, then the only 2 things that matter are bloodwork and gains. If the product makes you stronger/bigger, and bloodwork looks good while you’re on it, it’s a good product. You’ve already used PH’s, so there’s no reason for me to try to convince you not to do them in general.

As far as conversion rate goes, and the stability of the product in general, whether it actually converts to Trenavar or anything useful in the body,it’s really anyone’s guess as to what’s actually going on. I’ve never seen data on the product, and I don’t expect to. This MAY be an effective product, but I’ve never seen anyone on the boards here talking about it. Looks like it’s only available in Europe, so that may be part of the reason.

If you really want to know if it works, use it by itself. That’s the only way you’ll be able to tell.

When you say blood work is there anything specific I need to ask to have done.
I know that sounds dumb but I’ve never had any done before and Should I tell the doc
What I’m doing and why. Again thanks for the info/help.

Well, one of your top priorities is protecting your liver, from my understanding, so I would certainly get liver enzymes checked out. Make sure everything is in range while on cycle. If they are out of range, then the product is not doing what you want it to do. I’d also keep track of your blood pressure. You could also take a look at your testosterone and E2 values, to see if the product is affecting those substantially. If E2 is elevated, you’ll need to take an AI.

Since I don’t know how effective this product is, I can’t say whether or not it will effect this number to a significant degree. You could also check prolactin, since this product supposedly converts to trenbolone in your body (that’s what it’s supposed to do, right?) Elevated prolactin can result from this.

Wow ok that makes sense I never thought to take it to that level.
I’ve taken my cycle support liver protection i.e. Himalayan liver protection,
Organ shield ,and post cycle therapy with some 6 broom to lower estrogen
If you know of anything that im missing let me know. I’m still a little fuzzy on the
Use of sarm’s and serm’s do you think I need either of those.


None of the things you listed are effective for keeping your Estrogen in check if this product effectively alters that value. Arimidex is the best option, in my opinion, for most people. Search the forum for arimidex, or adex. plenty of info available.

PH can wreck HPTA’s permanently. Some guys are simply brittle in that regard. Throwing garbage into the cell nuclei sometime causes epigenetic [permanent] changes for the worst. Seen deca only cycles do the same.

You don’t seem to have any idea about what you are doing other that rapping about product hype.

I’m asking questions if you mean me not promoting. And what do you mean by permanent damage.
The reason I ask is because I did read something like that and it prompted me to start this thread.
I also read the opposite so it’s hard to tell I don’t have a chem degree.