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PGTIPS Mashup Log


Ok. I'm gonna start a log. I called it my mash up log because I will be completely honest. I dont have an exact goal. other than to stay healthy. so what I do in the gym is going to be a mish mash of stuff, till i settle on one programme. I lift weights just for the sheer hell of it cause I love it even if my current numbers indicate I have a vagina.

I will always have the below moves in my routines in some form or another.

personal bests:
Front Squats - 5 x 60 kg
Deadlifts - 1 x 110 kg
Overhead press - 5 x 40 kg
Pull ups - 14
push ups - around 50 to failiure

Now these are what I'm going to concentrate on in the gym and I want to get a bodyweight overhead press. Thats my one concrete goal at the moment.

last time I checked weighed in at just under 12 stone. Lets say 76kg. but I'm not to bothered about gaining weight or losing weight. getting bigger and in better shape is just a great by-product of doing something I enjoy

But on top of my workout at the gym, im going to figure out the olympic lifts in my back garden cause they just look quality and they are great fun and I'm gonna sprint a few times a week.
It might lead to over training, if it does I'll tale off and rest up, but im sure I'll get plently of rest as I'm sitting on my arse at college 3 days a week any way and then working at the lovely Mcdonalds the others.

currently my Olifts stand at...
clean and jerk - 60kg
snatch - 40 kg

So. Today I done...

Cleans (Full cleans) 60kg + 5 front squats for 3 sets.
Snatch - 40kg singles. forgot to count how many. Was listening to a few rather good songs.

Just got back from doing sprints down the local football pitch ( soccer for you yanks :stuck_out_tongue: )
- Always a good place to go for sprints. especialy if you the like possibility of actualy getting chased by some local yobs. All adds to the realism and intensity of the excercise...

I like this song.


Todays session was a bit short as my gym membership is off peak at the moment so I have to be out by half 4.

Overhead press 5 X 5 - 40 kg (gonna move up next session)

Goblet squat stretch and "Third world squat stretch"
Front squats 5 X 5 - 50kg
3 X 5 - 60kg

full clean and strict press - 7 X 1 - 50kg

I fancied trying some snatches, but thought it wise not too as my gym would not be best pleased if I dropped the weight or fell over onto someone! snatches will stay in the garden workouts for the time being.

Had this song stuck in my head all bloody day. It's a good thing I love it.


Goblet squat stretch/mobility

cleans 40kg - 5 x 1

cleans 60kg 5 x 1

Snatch 40 kg 3 x 1
1 x 2


Overhead press
40kg - 5 x 5

50kg 2 x 2

60kg - 2 x 10

80kg - 4 x 5

100kg - 1 x 5 and 1 x 4

Pull ups
3 x 6


Didn't go to the gym this week. Did lots of bodsyweight stuff at home


Pushups - 2 minutes max --- 70
Squat Jumps (3rd world squat)- 2 minutes max ---70
Rope pullups - 30 reps in as few sets possible (6 sets)
2 mile run (20 minutes)


Pushups (ladders) 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 etc. etc. to 0.
Squat(third world squat) 100 reps in as few sets as possible
Pullups - 30 reps in as few sets as possible


pushups - 100 reps in as few sets as possible
squat jump - 100 reps in as few assets as possible
pullups - 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5
2 mile run (18 minutes)

TODAY (Saturday) @ the gym

Deadlifts - loads of lighter sets @ 60 80kg x 5
2 x 5 @ 100 kg
2 x 3 @ 120 kg (well pleased. 1.5 bodyweight - 80kg)

Pullups superseted with parrelel bar dips - 3 x 5

Light Barbell Complex/ Cool down 25 kg - 10 ohp 10 back squat 10 front squat.


Didn't do much today, was a bit achy from the deadlifts yesterday

Chin ups - 50 reps. 10-10-10-5-5-5-5

1.5 mile run - 12 minutes.


No gym today, so I messed about at home and got a pretty decent workout in although very short.

Push ups ala Eric Cressey. 3 x 20

Rope Pullups (massive grip factor going on here) 3 x 6

goblet squat thrusters (20 kg) 3 x 15

Tons of hip mobility - third world squat stretch, duck walks, spider man stetches with t-spine rotation, squat to stands, lunges,

Didn't count the reps just did them till I felt loose

Such a lovely lady


Not much today, but was prety Intense as I did all of these with minimal rest between sets.

Power clean 50kg 8-6-4
overhead press 40kg 8-6-4
front squats 50kg 8-6-4

2 mile run - just under 18 minutes (I was planning on doing sprints, but theres nothing more annoying than trying to sprint on a wet slippery field, so I opted for a run instead)

Gym before work tomorrow and I'm going to play woth the Deadlift. going to attempt 2 x 3 @ 130kg after working up with lots of warmup sets.

got myself some targets to hit now.

Deadlift 2 x bodyweight

Run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes

Overhead press 1 x bodyweight. (been leaving this for a while as I focused on it with too much volume and my shoulders were starting to get weaker rather than stronger)

Excude be


Went gym today specifically to Deadlift. Had a great session - would have Deadlifted all day if it wasn't so knackering.

60kg 1 x 5
80kg 1 x 5

100kg 5 x 5
110kg 1 x 5
120kg 1 x 2
115kg - fail.

Dumbell overhead press.
15kg 2 x 12
17.5kg 1 x 10
17.5kg 1 x 6

Pull ups
3 x 5 - Grip dead from Deadlifts.

I don't know whether to include pullups cause I do them at home whenever I walk past my stairs or go into the garage which is quite often.

cool down with 20 pushups and lots of swinging around of my arms.


No gym today. I only have an off peak Membership as it is all I can afford at the moment.

Today after work I did a bodyweight routine consiting of loads of push ups and Rope pullups. And a 2 mile run.

Going gym after college tomorrow. looking forward to hitting the deadlifts again.


Got a quality session in today.

60 kg 1 x 8
80kg 1 x 5
110kg 2 x 5
100kg 3 x 5

Overhead press:
40kg 5 x 5

Push press:
50kg 1 x 3
50kg 2 x 5


Front squats
1x5 empty bar
1x5 40kg
1x5 50kg
1x5 60kg (too heavy at the moment - shit form)
5x5 50kg


Rather ashamed but my legs are dead haha


multiple warmup sets
5 x 5 - 100 kg (easy - upping weight next deadlift session)

Dips (full range - hands nearly in armpits)

then messed about with some 16kg kettlebells.
3 x 10 overhead press
2 x 8 snatch


Back Squats (atg high bar)
warm up.
40kg 1 x 8
50kg 1 x 5

Work sets
60kg 5 x 5 feeling great - uping weight next session.

Push press

40kg 1 x 5 strict press

Push press (each set starts from a powerclean)

60kg 3 x 5
60kg 2 x 3

My press and push press wont budge whereas my deadlift and squats are progressing great.

When I can afford to change my gym membership so I can go anytime I want I'm planning on doing 3 days a week.
Day 1 - Lots of Deadlifts
Day 2 - Lots of Squats
Day 3 - Lots of Powercleans and presses (push press, press and jerks)

Sent of my University applications today - Bricking it.


High bar back squats

60kg 1 x 6
60kg 1 x 8
60kg 1 x 6

70kg 1 x 3

62.5kg 2 x 5

Pull ups



Not including warm up sets.

High bar squats

65kg 2 x 5
60kg 1 x 10
3 x 8


110kg 1 x 5
2 x 4

My grip is really letting me down on deadlifts. I'm thinking of using a hook grip, but I don't want to lose the benefits of getting strong grip and I don't like using a mixed grip.


40kg 3 x 5

Inverted rows

3 x 10

Plyometric pushups

3 x 20



1 mile run - 8 minutes

I went gym with a couple of lads from my new job today. They were not interested in squats and deadlifts and only wanted to bench and hit the boxing bag. kind of slowed me down. I work much better alone.
Did a few sets of bench for the first time in well over two years aswell today. My max was 90KG which I was quite happy with considering I havent trained it for a while, but I still hate it.


why not do your warm ups with a regular grip and do your max set with a stronger grip?

As you progress the warm ups will get heavier and your grip will get stronger.

Doing the working set with a stronger grip will allow you to hit the rest of your body to a greater degree.


That is a sound way of looking at it.
Cheers for the suggestion :slightly_smiling: I'll start doing that.



warm up sets



60kg 3 x 3
(pretty shit form)

strict overhead press:
warmup sets

42.5 kg 3 x 5


I forgot to log my workout on boxing day, so I'll carry on from today.

Had a quality session today.

Did some simple comlexes to warm up:

Overhead press
front squat
back squat


30kg 3 x 10 (more as a warm up for jerks)

Loads of sets of clean and jerks.
Worked up tp 62.5kg - could have gone heavier but was saving my juice for some deadlifts.

I'm slightly confused with jerks. Its my hand position. Am I supposed to change from the rack position before I jerk it or do I jerk it from the rack position (resting in the groove of my deltoids) ??

100kg 3 x 5 (easy)
110kg 1 x 1

120kg 1 x 1
122.5kg - Fail. Couldn't get it off the floor.