PGCL Thoughts?

Is it really 10X more anabolic than Long-R3 IGF-1?
Does is burn fat as effectivly as DNP?

Does anyone know anything aboutt his stuff?

Quite little but I think it is not clear that anything is going on but swelling at the injection site, and a hell of a lot of diarrhea.

Rather than such dramatic fat-burning and general muscle anabolism.

Whether there is local anabolism besides the swelling is an interesting matter. I don’t know but surely someone must have a basis to say, or will in the near future.

As for rapid initial weight and waist size loss: the stomach virus will do the same thing in the same general way. But I suppose one cannot choose, or ordinarily can’t, when to come down with that.

For longer term results there probably really is systemic fat loss besides from the interference with nutrient absorption due to GI issues. But comparing it with DNP seems unwarranted.

So far as I know it is the same as PGF-2a which has been around for a while.

thanks Bill… looks like I will pass on this one…

I have used it, but it’s not that anabolic, yeah it gives you bad shiting and you lose alot of fluids and in my case very little fat, the good part about it is that even if I could barely eat I wasn’t losing any muscle mass, I could run it for more than 5 days at a time because my joints felts really dry and could anything that involved my knees…

In my opinion it’s not worth it, but at a few member got very good results