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PFC Lynch

Anybody read about this 20yr. old women’s actions in Iraq.

Killed several enemy troops with her rifle after being wounded. Eventually they captured her after she ran out of ammo. Did not want to be taken alive. Was also stabbed while being taken prisoner. Survived for 8 days with two broken legs, broken arm, bullet wound and a stab wound. Rescued by Special Forces. Holy Shit!

Got my vote for T woman of the year!

For some reason work doesn’t seem so hard today.

I think she’s 19, actually.

And tough as nails.

I’d actually read that her age is listed as 19. In either case, that’s some real grit and determination. It’ll be interesting to hear the real stories of how she was treated as a POW. Hopefully, the outcome of all the other missing can be as good.

Her mother said they had not fed Pfc. Lynch during the 8 days.

Truly an amazing story. Pretty brave woman!!! Note to self, “dont mess with a West Virginia chick”…haha. I am anxious to hear her side of the story to say the least!

I had not heard that about killing the enemy. She can take my point any day.

Us Appalachians are a tough breed.

Great story, but you know this’ll turn up as some Hallmark movie of the week within a few months.

Man my buddy knows her and said that she was a Freak.He said if it was nasty she liked it so who knows how she stayed alive for 8 day.

To: southsidejunckie
Stop passing around second hand bullshit. Comments like that bring the T-mag down.

 Southside, for your knowledge, we dont revel in useless, unverifiable propaganda. Stop trying to claim some attention for yourself.

 that aside, it's an amazing story - one in a million, Jessica Lynch, was incredibly lucky.

 Reports are now saying she was never either wounded or stabbed. Regardless, her legs and arm were seriously injured. 

 Let me say, however. the true heros in this story are: 1) the Iraqi man, without whom none of this would have happened, and without whom this girl wouldve had her leg amputated in iraq by today, which would likely lead to her death according to reports; this man also put his family and own life in serious jeopardy, not to mention the commitment to walk 6 miles both ways from and to the hospital and give sensitive info to the Marine Recon force, and Marine 7h battalion.
  The second heros are the Marines themselves. Because of the nature of their job, you wont hear about the incredible feats they do day and day out, but they are the ones who actually took the fire to save Lynch. They're the ones whose lives were on the line during the operation.

  Im just as grateful for what happened as anyone here, dont get me wrong. 

  However, Lynch is being hailed as a hero without being one. She was a POW and, unfortunately thats all. Was she tough as nails? Yeah. Does that mean that anyone who will fight off the enemy when confronted by it, and enduring 8 days without food are heros? No. They're simply soldiers, doing what they're heavily trained to do.
  Was the Air Force pilot who ejected from his plane in Bosnia years ago a hero? No, he was a soldier, who, luckily was saved by the Marines. Were the three army soldiers who were POWs in Kosovo heros after enduring days and days in enemy hands? No, they were soldiers.
  A hero is someone who puts his life on the line to save someone else when odds dictate against it. 

  That said, its very heartwarming to see such an amazing feat.

  Of course, according to a few in here, these Marines who saved her life and without whom none of this would have taken place would much rather be getting laid and enjoying simple college life instead of being responsible for the life of their fellow soldiers.

   On a final note, is Lynch a hottie or what? I saw her pic in regular clothes, and  hmmm she's pretty hott...


by extension of your arguement, there is only one hero, and that is the iraqi who risked everything to deliver the tip.

everyone else, no matter how dangerous or risky what they are doing is, are just doing there jobs.

Diesel i am with you on this one. The Iraqi man is the real hero here.

However, PFC Lynch’s story is amazing. She is a hero, as are all the other troops fighting for us in Iraq. Lets not forget that they put their lives at risk every minute, just as PFC Lynch’s was.

diesel, you raise a good point about the other unmentioned heroes not receiving the recognition that they deserve, espeically the Iraqi.

Now as far as your definition of “hero”, in that one sense of the word “hero”, you are correct, but “hero” means more than the one narrow definition that you have chosen. Your post seems to belittle the hardships that this young woman endured.

And speaking of hardships, I can’t even imagine what they do to pretty young female POW’s…it makes me shudder. I thought it was somewhat telling how just the bodies of the other soldiers were found, but the cute young girl was left alive.

Hi southside. You’re a puke.

Maybe, seanc, but “grit” still describes her.

  Yes, and by the nature of their job, these Marines were true heros.

  A different example comparable to this story is the incident where a Navy SEAL fell off a black hawk after it got by an RPG. Did they leave them there even though the area was heavily occupied by taliban forces?
  No, instead a second black hawk VOLUNTEERED to go pick him up. Everyone of these 6 soldiers in the 2nd black hawk were viciously shot by taliban ground forces. Was it their job to try to retrieve their fellow soldier? Yes, they are trained for it. Were they heros? You bet they were. 

  Also, It's not the Marines job to do sensitive extraction jobs. This was a job specifically for Delta Force, not regular Marine forces or Marine recon. They also went on very short notice, and undertook the danger of handling 41 iraqi soldiers at the hospital while successfully and safely extracting Lynch.

  A hero is someone who endangers his own life to protect or save someone else's life against all odds.
  The Marine Recon and the 7th Marine unit risked their own lives to extract a fellow soldier. That's a hero.

  That as opposed to a cute army girl who had the misfortune of finding herself in a conflict with iraqi forces and was made POW. Sure she was tough as nails for fighting till the end, and surviving with no food for 8 days. But she didnt endanger her life to protect or save someone's life. 
  In fact I would venture say the male soldiers in her unit probably took the grain of the blow by trying to protect the cute girl from being shot or captured - which Im sure all of us here would most likely do. I know I would.

  Lynch is brave and tough as nails, no doubt about it.
  She deserves extra credit for the situation she underwent, which was very traumatic for her.

  However, one thing this girl does not deserve is being hailed a hero. Why is she a hero, exactly what did she do to be a hero? 

  I think it's the hollywood syndrome. the same way they make a hollywood idiot a hero who goes around playing politician, they make a cute girl who underwent a terrible situation a hero. 

she’s a hero just for the sake of her being in Iraq with a rifle. She got singled out because she was a) female b) taken as a POW and c) came back alive. I would do the same thing in her situation tho. Id rather die than be a POW. Havent you seen Hot Shots: Part Deux? Gruesome shit…

“But she didnt endanger her life to protect or save someone’s life.”
Wrong, jackass. She’s not enlisted in the Army and in Iraq cause she likes the weather.

She did not join the army to save anyone’s life but to get enough money to finish her teaching degree. Not a bad deal to if what you want is money for school. The problem is when the shit hits the fan the college bound now must tout rifles and not pens. She definitely deserves credit for having survived but “hero” is too strong a word.

We only know what we’ve been told. I think before I can definitely reach a conclusion I’ll wait for the book, movie deal, Barbara Walter’s special, Oprah…

diesel -

“They also went on very short notice,”

Actually, they asked the Iraqi man to go back to the hospital several times to do reconnaissance. So it was not short notice.

“In fact I would venture say the male soldiers in her unit probably took the grain of the blow by trying to protect the cute girl from being shot or captured”

How do know this? That’s a hell of a thing to assume. I’m not going to debate you on the issue of this girl being a hero. I think she is. You don’t, fine. Just don’t make up things about what happened during a battle half a world away of which we know nothing about.

whether you join for money or school or whatever, you learn damn well what youre getting into and the real reason youre in the army when your drill sargeant slides that M16A2 rifle into your hand and makes you march around yelling blood blood blood guts guts guts kill kill kill… and from the first time you go to that damn range and fire your first real round at some dummy, you know that some day that dummy will be real, and he’ll be shooting right back at you… and its a feeling so frightening i cant describe it in words