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PF is Full of Pussies


A few years back I walked in wearing a bandana and skinny tank top along with my jump rope and the front desk pussies quickly pointed out that I was too intimidating looking and was breaking many rules. He pointed at the stupid cartoon drawing of the meat head with a red circle and line going through him which indicates all the things you cant wear. I looked at him and said "Are YOU judging me???, this is the judgment FREE zone!!!" he says "ummm I guess so..." I said in my best Mr. T voice "You cant judge me fool, dis be the judgement free zone!the commercial said so" Then I walked off, the kid was a skinny pussy because i proceeded to grunt, drop weights and jump rope and all they did was lunk me, i pretended it wasnt me and finished my work out. On the way out i grabbed 2 huge handfulls of grape tootsies and said judge this.

A week later a manager confronted me about it, so i gave him an ear full and cancled my membership. He told me it was $120 fine for early cancel so i told him to suck it and had my bank block asscess to my account for $40 bucks....in my own little way i felt it was a victory against PF or Pussy Fitness as I have affectionatly named it...