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PF+C meals

Is it ok to combine PF+C into one meal if the carbs come from a low glycemic source like green veggies? Sorry if this one has been asked before. Thanks for any info you guys can provide!

Yes, from green veggies.

Actually, it’s a good thing, since you want to eat lots of veggies anyway! You don’t want to limit yourself to eating veggies just in a P+C meal.

I believe the reccomendation is to keep the net carbs below 10g, and this is with the low glycemic type i.e. broccolli. In my own situation with this issue, when combining my last meal of cashew butter, and 2 scoops LC GROW, I consistently go over the reccomendation of 10 g, and when being consistent with training and nutrition have seen no ill effects. I think you really need to find out what it will do to you.



Berardi has stated numerous times that one can go even as high as 20 or so grams of carbs per meal in P+F meals provided they come from fibrous veggie sources.

Is it just me or is the whole ‘C+F’ insulinogenic effect only significant with saturated fat and shitty carb sources? Ie: white bread with butter, corn with butter, popcorn, etc.

I don’t even think it applies to stuff like beans and olive oil…

The way I see it:

Cut out the shitty carbs and don’t combine sat. fat with carbs most of the time.


Zulu, I think it’s just you. For years, bodybuilder diets have prescribed meals of high protein, good carbs and low fat. When fat was in a meal, usually carbs were VERY light in that meal.

If bodybuilders could have put on lean mass with beans with oil, brown rice with cashews, etc., they would have tried hard to convince us by now.

I’ve seen no scientific evidence to the contrary, but I’d love to see any. :slight_smile:


Zulu, i think its a judgement call there. If you dont live and die by the words of JMB the yeah go for it. if your bulking and are a skinny bastard, go for it.
if you get fat, learn you lesson and move on.

as for the original question, eat heaps of low carb vibrous vege with P+F meals! its bloody hard to eat them with your P+C meals.

Another question:

To what extent do turmeric, cinnamon, lemon juice minimize insulin impact?

Say I have oatmeal with dry coconut in it, and I use cinnamon. Will I have a huge insulin spike or will it be mitigated?


Every morning, for some time, Ive been consuming a P+F+C meal.
There’s a purpose for it though, I think JB touched on this a while back.

The meal:
1 bagel, 2 tbsp natural nut butter
2 tbsp organic apple butter
1/2 cup cottage cheese
2 scoops whey
4oz. skim milk

Im sure there are better combos, but those are the things I like and enjoy for breakfast.

The reason:
Insulin first thing in the morning with EFA’s is a great combination, BECAUSE the insulin from the carbohydrate intake helps drive the EFA’s into the cells.

If Im wrong, please let me know!

Also, it’s worked ok so far, I still have to try to pack on weight, and this combination has not had a negative impact on bodies appearance.

But like I said, if Im wrong let me know!