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Petr Petras ATWR Total 1160kg / 2550lb

Petr Petras with the new heaviest raw powerlifting total of all time by way of 470/290/400kg SBD. Big 15kg increase on Daniel Bell’s 1145kg total. Seems to be a few more kilos there for Petras as well.

Petras has always been up there being number 2 in the world behind Malanichev for a long time but has finally put it together. Maybe a sponsor so that he doesn’t have to work as a trucker full time.



Insane isn’t it?

I hope he gets to pursue this full time and add to the record.

I wonder if he’ll make the transition to strongman?

Start a GoFundMe and see how far this monster can take it. Bit less than a decade at a high level still to go but a bit late to go strongman I think. Learning curve and other physical attributes that need developing make it far from a guaranteed success and even then will take years to build up. In powerlifting he could go for 1200kg eventually if healthy