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Petition to the White House to Legalize Steroids


i know it won’t do any good with the dummies in Washington but i just started a petition for legalization. it needs 150 sigs before it goes public and 100,000 to be considered. i know the odds of it working are basically none but i figured why the hell not. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/legalize-use-steroids-both-androgenic-and-anabolic


I say this with little knowledge of American law but are you sure it Is illegal? Can’t you go on TRT? Can you not buy and legally possess a bunch of stuff “not for human consumption”?

Also be aware that any substance which has a medical effect will be regulated and controlled. Where control is relaxed is when the demand is huge, there is significant benefits and the risks very low (eg. Paracetamol).

With some relatively high profile people abusing this shit and dropping dead at a young age - I’d say steroids do not fall into the above category.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue this but be very careful about how you word stuff and what you are asking for. Most importantly, understand the other side of the argument instead of assuming folks “dummies”. That’s assuming you want this to go somewhere and don’t want your ass handed to you if it gets legs.


you’re an idiot. …


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but hey good for you for getting involved with the political process.

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