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Petition for PDF Files of Articles


Hey Guys, I spoke with the technical staff about possibly getting the articles in PDF format for viewing on a book ereader, or just offline. They said if there was enough interest, then they would consider doing it. Please let them know if you are interested! I for one am.


Count me.


Count me in.


Definitely interested




another +1 here




hi there


me too


Sometimes I can't access my hub to look at my favourite articles--like the past couple of weeks. It'd be much better to just have them as PDF's I can save. I'm in.






Not interested.

There's software that is like a printer driver and when you click print, then you select the pdf printer instead of your hardware printer, and instead of printing it to paper, it will prompt you to save as a pdf file on your hard drive. The software is free.

In other words, the capability is already there if you just download the software.


Shut up nerd.

I'm in.



This would be solid for saving to your computer (if you aren't into bookmarking shit) or a Kindle, but if you just want the article for off-line reading you can simply select the 'Print' option at the bottom of every article.

I think it would be a pretty cool feature to have.


Yes plz.


Yes. I like re-reading certain articles, and it's a pain either having to search them up again or saving them into word.


Do want


If you get the 504 error or whatever, just delete all cookies, close the browser and reopen.

Worked for me.