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Pete'sKick'n Ars Thread


pete's thread filled up, so i thought i would start a new one for him:)

anyway.. yeah. i definitely haven't tried to lose weight. not eating from being depressed as a mo fo did it for me. lost about 10lbs the first week.

308... that's big boy weight right there. i'm sure it can only help your lifts though.

i'm sure you will kick ars.


Meat, why thanks for the new thread.

Yeah, I see a lot of conditioning and very little carbs in my near future. I am much happier when I am in the 260 - 265 range, but this meet it wasn't happening.

And I am taking measures to ensure I have video this time around, just for you:)


thank you... i won't feel nearly as bad if i know there's someone as ugly as me being videoed as well.


I just PM'd you my cell, that way we can chat like little school girls on meet day. Like really large, sweaty, hairy, smelly, strong school girls actually...


308! That's almost three of me! No wonder your numbers are so big.


Hey, was that a strength to weight ratio shot. Pete I think she called you weak.


heheheh... snap said you have a big number... heheheheh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, 308 is anything above 275.5... of course, I appear to be fluctuating somewhere in the middle of that range right now. Go figure, reduced cardio to next to nil, got employed with a very much stuck at your desk job, and increased my caloric intake, and also started to move the most weight in my lifting career. 10 weeks later, packed a few pounds on. Amazingly I don't feel as horrible as I thought I would pushing 300. No worse then at 275. Oh well, give me a new objective after the meet.


A wise old Gorilla once told me that sometimes you gotta eat big to lift big.


Being my size, I have to take the shots where I can. But I DEFINITELY wasn't calling Pete weak.

I'm not even going to comment on the Clown's post.


two mile walk with family yesterday, then 2 mile walk with dogs today. I do feel like if I don't get some gpp in this week I will go nuts.

After today's walk went to a pumpkin carving thing with my 4 year old. Good times. Tomorrow going to go have a couple of beers after work with a buddy that I haven't seen in 15 years (he lives in Europe). Wow, I can keep myself busy when not going to the gym...


Just lookin back at your old thread before it closed... nice numbers pete. Goodluck at your meet... I'm sure I will hear how it went if you and scott are chatting like little girls. :smiley:


Shit up this weekend


Best of luck to you, my geared buddy.


white lights all around!


thanks all. went down to the meet location after work, weighed in nice and fat, set my openers, came home and hung out with family and got shit ready. looking forward to tomorrow...


Go kick some ass. And make sure to keep us posted.


the whisky report:

Long long day today, meet was stacked with lifters and flights moved slow. Here is what I did:

Bench 639 3 whites, 683 no lift x 2. Got outta groove entirely, and mentally I just have a tendancy to overthink second attempts. Need to get over that.

Deadlift 655 3 whites, 705 when the same as my second and third bench attempts. The weight got up to my knees and I stalled. I had plenty of strength but the pscyhological part just got to me.

Overall happy though, last meet in February, my first multi ply, I bombed out completely, unable to get an opener of 610 in at all. So there is significant progress. I definitely feel like 705 in bench and dead are easily in my reach, just need to get smarter in prep and not pscyhologically defeat myself before I even have the bar in hand.

oh and some video will follow


Great job, Pete, those are big numbers. I am looking forward to the vids.


Congratulations! I forgot you were doing a push/pull meet. Sounds like really solid improvement from your last meet. Gotta be happy with that. The psychology of this sport is one of the things that makes it so great. Looking forward to video.