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Peterson - Khan


A few thoughts -

  1. This could be a fight of the year candidate.

  2. I still don't like Amir Khan's style of fighting - he just runs too much - but he proved beyond all doubt to me that he's a fighter through and through, between going to Washington to fight in Peterson's home court to responding every time Lamont landed something.

  3. Peterson is a tough, talented guy that reminds me a lot of Emanuel Augustus, just with more skill.

  4. The ref should be hung.

  5. Khan probably should have won that fight.

  6. The ref should be hung.

  7. I'm really glad that for once, a Freddie Roach fighter got robbed.

  8. I can't wait for the rematch.


Despite me being a big Khan fan and all, I actually gave this one to Peterson by a point. I thought that he threw the more damaging shots, as well as putting on one of the most vicious displays of body punching that I've seen in a long time.

I disagreed with one of the the point deductions, but I thought that both knockdowns were slips. Well, let me clarify that. I have absolutely no idea what both of the point deductions were for, but I thought Khan should have been docked one point for holding behind the back of the head.

I still like Khan. When is this guy not in a great fight?

How can anyone not like Peterson? He may have been off the street for years, but he still looks like he just rolled in off the shelter. And he's got serious class to boot. I'm happy for him and his win. He says he'll give Khan a rematch and I'm sure he'll be true to his word.

Bradley must be licking his chops right now. If Khan does not like pressure, and fighters who lead with their head, how is he going to deal with a human punch machine who's got a skull like a bowling ball?

A definite candidate for fight of the year. Awesome back and forth action.


I agree that the ref should be hung!

The one thing about Khan is that he isn't stupid and think IF there is a rematch then he'll have an extremely good game plan which will pay dividends. You could almost see him change his strategy mid-way during the fight as he was struggling to cope with Peterson working on the inside.

I don't know much about Peterson, however, from that fights he came across as more of a "banger" who just likes to get in close and go to work. I don't know whether he has the technical ability to change strategy if Khan comes up with a game plan which stops his using that tactic

Unfortunately, there's very little boxing on the tele in the UK these days so I've no idea if it's a contender for FOTY....but it was definitely one of the best fights I've seen since Calzaghe fought Lacey (albeit for completely different reasons).

What I did think was slightly "strange", although I'm probably reading too much into it is how, before the start of the last round, Peterson's corner said "THEY say you can win this, but you've got to give them 3-minutes", or words to that effect. Then, when he was obviously losing the round the ref jumps in and deducts a point. Like I say, I'm probably reading too much into it, but it seemed a bit suspect.

All credit to Peterson though, Khan's probably pissing blood big time at the moment!!!


Holy shit. There must be NO boxing on television if one of Joe Calslappy's victories against a nobody was your mile marker.

I'd leave that country.


Like I said, good fights for different reasons. This was a brawl whereas Calzaghe showed a loud mouth gobshite that he was sorely lacking in any pugilistic skills!


Once again, if a Calslappy fight was your measuring stick, there must be no boxing on TV EVER.

Thank god he retired. I hated hearing about him and his pansy ass style.


Pansy assed UNDEFEATED style.

I am pretty sure part of my soul died when he beat Hopkins.

I wonder if the UK is plagued by a bunch of amateur and low level pro's trying to imitate his style just like Roy Jones (Fuck, another notch in Calzaghe's fuckin' gun belt, or whatever kind of belt isn't prohibited under British law. Yes that is sour grapes, but at least I can own a folding knife that locks.) spawned a bunch of show off/run before you walk imitators.


Robert A


Yeah, I have to give Calzaghe (I believe that is the first time I've ever called him by his real name) some credit even though I really, really, really dislike his style. It's not as hard as giving credit to Froch was.

Most boxers in the UK are pretty much like boxers anywhere. Lots of guys with solid fundamentals and very bog standard boxing styles.

Unless someone looks like Prince Hamed. Then you can be damn sure they're going to try and box that way.


Khan really showed that he has heart in this fight. I've really not been a big fan of his, but it's pretty hard not to like the guy these days. Big pair of stones, and he comes to fight. He also handled the defeat pretty well I thought. I hope he gets the rematch and puts Peterson away. I've not lost any respect for him or his abilities despite this second loss. Goes to show that it's not just winning and losing, but how you fight that counts.


I like Peterson way better than I like Khan, and you know how I feel about you limey bastards... but him going to DC to fight on Peterson's home court knowing he could blatantly robbed - that shows balls most fighters don't have.

Hats off to him.


I also prefer Peterson. There are times where I really don't like Khan's attitude, which is often excessively arrogant, particularly the way he talks about himself in the third person, and I don't like the way his family act a lot of the time. They are often disrespectful of his opponents etc. It's one thing for a fighter to talk shit about another fighter, but for the family to hide behind a fighter and throw stones really grates with me. That said, Khan the fighter could well become a great champion, with his work ethic, good attitude when it comes to boxing, and natural attributes.